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2 month plus

2 month plus

Well, I think it’s working. Mainly doing the newbie routine.

5 min of warmup (hot water in a mug)
10 min of 30sec manual stretching in all directions
5 min of stretching BTC
2-3 min of warmup
20 min of jelqing with couple 30 sec horse440 during breaks.
Cool down in shower with at hot water
2 days on 1 day off - with no missed days

No injuries or discoloration.

Here the stats:
Started Aug 3, 2005
Starting BPEL = 5.25
Starting EG = 4.25 to 4.5

Now BPEL = 6.00 plus
Now EG = 4.75 - 5.00

I have to say that my erections are much harder (10 times harder) and this may contribute to some of the gains shown above, but it’s not all the gains.

I have more of it sticking out past the end of my hand when I am jelqing and a little long stroke also.
Plus, I can it stretch to my navel now and I could not do this at the beginning.

My flaccid finally is hanging all the time, except during heavy exercising (running and weight fitting). I turtle necked all the time at 2-2.5 inches (it looked more like 1 inch, which only the head was showing). But now, I am well past 4.5 and going on 5 inches of FL.

I was lucky to fully understand not to over do the PEing at the being which I am sure helped with my gains. I not changing my routine for now since I believe I am still make grains.


Well, I will still be a little skeptical until I reach 6.5 inches BPEL. But, I have to admit that this is a life altering experience. Before, I as doomed to have a small dick the rest of my life and my confidences (just not with sex, but in life) was falling fast. Now, I have hope I can change my destiny. My confidence is back, even though I have not achieved the “bigger dick”. Just the fact that I can have a bigger dick in the future makes all the difference. As you can see, for me, PE is not about having the big porno dick so I can screw every girl out there, but have the big dick so I feel that I CAN please any girl who I have sex with me. This will boost my confidence at work, at the gym, and so on. Thank god for this site. I am literally a new man. Well, that enough of my psycho BS.

PS, I am been married for 10 yrs now and having sex with other girls is not on my wife’s agenda.

Those are some good gains. I also started PEing in August and made some gains in length.
Becareful of horses though, as there not for newbies. If the routine is working out for you and your getting no injuries or discomfort, then by all means stick with it. It’s not a bad idea to occasionally mix it up with your routine however. A veteran poster here advocated trying out new routines, etc.-so that the penis wouldn’t develop a resistance to your routine over time.
I can always suggest kegels as well to improve erection quality-though some people have said that it made them ejaculate faster.

Best of luck with PE. Did your wife notice the change?

I forgot to mention the routine includes kegels.

Does the wife enjoy the gains? I wish I can tell you the porno version where she is screaming how much bigger I am but, I would say she enjoys the fact that I have a much harder erection. Also, I have my confidence back and I am fucking her all the time. That is what she likes. Plus, she is an easy cum’er. Not much work involved to get her to cum. I cracked her safe a long time ago.

She not a size queen either, she subscribes to the “size does not matter” philosophy. But, we all know all girls (my wife including) will desire the biggest dick possible just little before the point it starts hurt. I have a lot of room to grow before I reach that point. So, I will be PEing for a long time. My end goal is not a numerical value, but when I reach that point. The only down side is that I may grow outside her range for anal. But I am not there yet either.

There is also PEing for women as well. Check out BlueZana’s posts. Women can also do kegels as well.

Hey Man, congratulations on your gains. That seems to be a pretty good gain for a couple of months. I just started last week, so I hope I have gains as good as yours. Good Luck and keep up the good work.

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