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2 hands feels better

2 hands feels better

Lately my EQ has been way up. I’m so hard alway pretty much. Lately my girl and been sucking me a lot and playing with me. Being big enough for her to use two hands and mouth feels amazing. It also makes me feel like I have enough to offer for my girl. My confidence is completely changing. It is helping my everyday life. I just want to feel the power of a massive dick. Something like 8x6.5. I would take so happily 8x5.5

Clamping most of the afternoon to see if that helps.

Ah so true gettinbig, the first time I saw my girl have to stretch her mouth just to get past the glans, then more for the shaft was such a great feeling. Plus her small hands make my 5.5” girth look enormous! However, clamping should only be done after all other girth routines have stopped producing gains. Clamping is very intense, I would wait until you’re close to your goals and a few years in before beginning to clamp.

Best of luck to all fellow PE-ers in their journey.

I wish I was as big as I am now when I fucked a virgin. I would have destroyed her haha. I wish I could fuck a virgin now but I have a damn gf that’s more like a wife.

My girl just told me her pussy is really sore this morning. My girth is going up for sure. I fucked her for awhile but no more then normal. Sometimes we’d bone 3 in a row and she’d never be sore. My girl said she feels so dirty walking around with a sore pussy. She told me she already wants it when she gets back from work.

I’ve had a similar experience this weekend, my girlfriend was in town and needless to say she wanted a bit of action. Although after the first time she literally wanted it all the time, as soon as we had free time. She said it looked huge last night which is always an ego boost, and that she wants a good pounding when she’s back. Only a half inch gain in length and girth and now she’s crazy for sex.

Best of luck to all fellow PE-ers in their journey.

Ya my grown dick drives my girl crazy now. She’s a freak now. Your story is awesome man. I hope to see length gains. So far only girth but that’s cool with me so far.

My girl lets me do anything to her now. Last night I tied her up and fucked her twice and came all over her. She loves my new dick even though it’s barely different I can tell she likes it more. I think she just likes how confident I am now so it’s more about my attitude and not my dick size.

More teeth during blow jobs and my girl telling me it looks big and makes her sore is just evidence that this stuff works.

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