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2 Days In It's Already Working


I just started a routine less than two weeks ago of simple V stretching and 100 wet-jelqs every other day and I was thinking the same thing as the original poster.. That I was already seeing results. I’m MUCH bigger when flaccid and harder when erect. I figured these results would be temporary as it’s similar to working out a muscle.. It gets inflamed from doing the act then slowly heals itself back. If this is a glimpse of how I could possibly be permanently, then I am now dedicated to this routine! If anything, we can see these temporary results as a positive push!

Originally Posted by ilducez
Update: I haven’t been as big as I was on that night at all my penis has gone back down to normal size is that normal or am I doing something wrong now?

As a useful (and illuminating) exercise, give yourself an opportunity to see how inaccurate you can make your measurements by changing your posture. A slight hip rotation ads 1/2” or more. In my enthusiasm, I used to regularly do this until I made “rules” for myself: ruler at 45° angle (neither horizontal nor vertical) at 10 o’clock (looking from front; in other words not directly at the top), only bend neck, etc. Once you understand how easy it is to fool yourself, you’ll be less inclined to (I hope ;-).

Another approach is to stand with heels and buttocks against a wall, knees locked.


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