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1x1 Quest muscle correlation

1x1 Quest muscle correlation

Ok guys I’ve been hanging around (no pun) here for a month or so, been acquiring as much knowledge as I can, asking questions and experimenting and getting used to jelqing and stretching. My current measurements are on AVERAGE about 7x5. Sometimes, and only with a super boner I can get up to almost 7.3-7.5 at MOST. I have to get a new ruler to really get exact measurement bone pressed non bone pressed etc.but for now that’s my size. I have a big problem with my girth, if I gained only in girth and no length that would be fine. Whatever length comes along will still be greatly appreciated!

I am aiming for that coveted 8x6, but not sure how possible that inch gain in girth will be for me! I also hope to attain this by the end of summer. I am starting to think that even a half inch in girth gain might still make a big difference! What do you think? I also don’t want to get toooo thick cause I like blowjobs etc. So 5.5 or 6’ is my goal. How possible is it to gain 1x1 with the newbie routine? I know everyone is different I just want to know if generally those gains are possible just from the newbie routine gains. I also wanted to post this as inspiration and motivation for me to keep at it and gain gain gain with all your help. Please feel free to comment or lend advice or critique etc!! I’m a maaaaan on a mission straight ahead..

Ok so I realized that this is a lofty goal. That should be my long-term goal. But short term, within the next six months, I gotta aim for 5.5’ girth. Is there a big difference between 5 and 5.5? This whole penis size thing is completely relative to each person. My girth is 5’ but I might as well have a 1 inch girth the way I see it. It really sucks. It really messes with my confidence, I know I shouldn’t let it but it is what it is. I look at someone with 6 inch girth and think, why the hell do they want more etc, but I bet there are people who look at 5’ girth and would kill for it. Unfortunately this is a sticking point for me, I desperately need some girth. I noticed an immediate increase in erection quality experiemtning with stretching, jelqing, and kegeling, which was nice. I also am a very easy gainer in the gym, not sure if that makes a difference or not, but I guess one never knows. Hopefully some of these gains will become apparent in my PE.

Has anyone found any type of correlation between ones ability to gain muscle and develop their bodies physically and ones ability to gain in PE?

On average people gain 1” in length and 0.5” of girth in one year. But this will not say that this wouldn’t happen to you. You might gain 2” or 0.5” of length in one year, it all depends on the person. The only way you can find out is doing it.

There isn’t a known correlation between ones ability to gain muscle and ones ability to gain PE. It happened to me personal though.

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