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1st week with routineswelling

1st week with routineswelling

Hi again guys

I’ve just started this week training with the newbie routine stated when I joined. I was planning to work it 3 days on and 1 day off, with this being the 3rd day. Although I don’t stupidly expect any results in days, it’s feeling great doing the routines, working those veins!

The only thing is, I was wondering after the last 2 routines I’ve completed, I noticed some swelling at the end of the penis (being a “doughnut” I believe the word is) and some black spots etc. I was just wondering if this was quite normal? The swelling goes away after a few hours or so. I just thought I’d ask to be sure.

Right now I’m measuring 5.75 BPEL, 5.50 NBPEL, 5.0 EG and am looking for a final future target of 7.00 BPEL, 6.5 EG .. Am I setting realistic goals here? :-\

As always I appreciate anything you guys have got 2 say


Just relax and lower the intensity like Thunder said. Your goals are achievable when you are very dedicated, success at reaching them.

The length goal looks very do-able but a 1.5 inch gain in EG may take awhile

Starting Stats (5/21/06) - BPEL: 6.75 | NBPEL: 5.75 | EG: 5.75 (Mid) 6 (base)

Current Stats (8/21/06) - BPEL: 7.00 | NBPEL: 6 | EG: 6.0 (Mid) 6.375 (base)

My new Goal: To have the volume of a Coke can (21.65625 cubic inches ;) )

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