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1st Post.Turkey necks

1st Post.Turkey necks

First, I’m glad to find this board. I’m hopeful to get a lot of good advice and to achieve my objectives.

I have had a significant turkey neck since I can remember. It goes up at least halfway of the bottom of my shaft. Because of this, I can’t get proper grip and it is very frustrating.

I recently purchased some ball ringers, and I’m seeming to make minor progress after a week of hanging.

However, I am in need of a bib hanger. Right now, I’m not ready to assemble something myself. I’d rather purchase something already pre-assembled. Can anybody hook me up with one? I don’t mind buying used. I want to get started on a program pronto.

IGI: Welcome to Thunder’s Place! Glad you’re making some progress! What the heck is a “ball ringer”? :confused:

In terms of “building your own”, how does a couple of highlighters and some twine seem for difficulty? You’ll notice that Bib himself encourages guys to make their own hanger in his hanging thread.

(Bib sells his hanger through his website:


I looked at the page on your link, IGI, and it says that Bigger is still accepting orders…

If within the US, you can still order with personal checks, money orders, or cash.

You’ll have to fill out the form, post it to Bib with a check or MO for the cost of the hanger and shipping.

The ball ringer seems to be a scrotal stretching device: you’re not thinking of using the BiBhanger to stretch your scrotum, are you????

For the record, I have a Wench, and a Bib, and have made good progress with both: I’ve gained over an inch of EL mostly from hanging.


I’ve been using a quite effective technique lately and it’s super simple. Go get some coban tape - it’s that soft brown self-adhesive athletic tape. Get the skinny size, not the 2-inch width or whatever. Cut long strips - about 1/3 to 1/4 inch thick and like 8 inches long. When you’re done stretching and about to start jelqing, get your erection to around 60-70% and wrap the tape securely (but not too tightly!) around the base of the shaft, essentially pinning down the TN skin. It’s basically a more comfortable cock-ring I find. The tape should stay perfectly in place - as long as you apply it BEFORE lubing up. Get it on first, then start lubing otherwise it’ll be a nightmare to stick in place. You should then be able to jelq freely, starting at the base, with no skin drag as you milk forward. Try it - worst case scenario it’s a $2.00 investment.

Hope this helps.

I think that’s some great advice. I will try it out.

And I will probably order the bib hanger as I would probably screw up making my own. I use the ball ringers to get rid of the turkey neck. It’s said that it works best when stretching.

Where do I find a weights set for the bib hanger?

”___-Mart”, sporting goods section.


I guess my question is, how do the weights hook up to it? Do I have to drill any holes in the weights?

What is this ___-Mart you speak of?


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