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1st post...and some rookie questions...

1st post...and some rookie questions...

I’m really glad to have stumbled upon this site, really glad that I found it or else I’d be getting the surgery…I’m starting out with a tiny 4.5”el but atleast I have respectable girth at 5.25”…if I could gain 2” el and .5” girth I’d be on cloud 9…realizing it can’t be done overnight but am confident I will get there…I’ve just started a few days ago but have done my share of reading…I’m starting with jelqing and stretching and after 3 months (or sooner) I plan to add hanging…here is my simple newbie routine which will progressively have increased workload and intensity:

5-8 mins warmup with rice-sock
10 mins stretching
10 mins jelqing
5-8 mins warmup with rice sock

I’m thinking of working up to 30 mins stretching and the same for this too much? 20 mins perhaps? I’m talking after a month or so.

3 days on, 1 day off ok for beginner?

I’ve read that you shouldn’t cum on jelqing days? say it isn’t so:) .

Would I be better served to start hanging right away? I’m hoping to get some gains off jelq/stretch and then hang once I plateau off that…length gains is all that really matters here, any girth would just be a bonus but I’m worried about that now.

Thanks in advance for any advices!

Welcome aboard !!

Add PC exercises and don’t be in a hurry to add reps. Listen to your dick, it will tell you what you can and can’t add safely. 10 minutes of jelqing done correctly is better than 30 minutes done wrong.

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Welcome J Rock!

The first thing to do is take some bone pressed (BP) measurements because that’s the most accurate way to monitor your length progress.

Your routine sounds fine but remember to start off slowly and carefully - your penis won’t be used to this kind of work out and doing too much too soon is very easy at this stage. Gradually work up over weeks and months rather than days!

Hanging is perhaps the most effective method of obtaining length and you can start straight away if you prefer - you don’t need a jelqing course first. In some ways it’s preferable to leave out jelqing in a hanging routine (except to restore circulation) as jelqing also adds girth and thicker is more difficult to stretch than thinner!

Good luck and keep us posted!

lil1 :littleguy

PS - You cum when you feel like it and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise! ;)

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Thanks for the warm welcome.....

and good advice…I will take your advice and take things slowly I guess since I believe in this I want it now but I shall focus on long term goals…hanging is definately in my not-too-distant future

and I’ll go easy on the jelqing to avoid length inhibiting girth gains.


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