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1st PE WorkOut - Need Grooming Advice


Thanks you guys for the excellent tips.

After using my clipper I used my electric razor to complete the job. That seems to work well, not to mention no more accidents.

I got one of those Gillette M3Power safety razors (one battery, and it vibrates) for Christmas a year ago and although I don’t care much for the way it shaves my face (heavy beard, and the flexible head design is not too good for defining the edges between my beard and cheek), it does an amazing job on my ballsac. I shave my sac in the shower, and not once have I nicked or cut myself. It it not necesary to be careful or go slow…it simply does not irritate or cause problems of any sort. I use Noxema Aloe shaving cream, if that is important to know.
In times previously, I used an earlier cartridge type (also Gillette) with two blades, and had to be very careful, as nicking was a problem.
The Gillette is my weapon of choice now.


I have been using one of those buzzers that barbers use. I’m scared of razors.

Use a razor, as long as you pull back the excess skin you’ll be fine on the sack


Glad to see you join in , my suggestion and advice would be to trim your pubics close with a beard trimmer , then hot shower , and shave with a saftey razor , your cock , balls and pubic area , it looks great and feels great , once every 2 weeks will work fine with your exercises.., when finished use after shave on the area , with half water and after shave mixed , just like your face, , keep healled up , and stop irratation GOOD LUCK , GO SLOW Stealbender

I just started trimming and shaving about 3 weeks ago. My wife really likes it and so do I. I use a Mach 3 razor and have had no trouble with nicks on my shaft or balls. I just started using a Seiko cleancut electric on my balls, but still go with the Mach 3 on and near the shaft.

I think shaving makes hair grow faster and thicker. I use the clipper to trim down the whole thing to a “natural-looking” length, so it’s short but doesn’t look like I groom myself. And then use tweezers for my penis and it’s base. It’s painful, but hair does grow thinner (if it ever grows back again), I do it only once a month and it looks as if my penis were always bald and clean.


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