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1st month

1st month

Hey guys, this is my first post here..

I started PE about 3-4 weeks ago and have been sorta doing the newbie routine. I say sorta because I don’t really count jelqs or anything. I usually do a warm up either with a warm towel or in the bath. Then I do some stretching followed by about 15 minutes or so of jelqing. I wish I would have gotten better measurements before starting but I was always about 5 1/2”. I wasn’t going to measure so soon but I had noticed a much heavier and longer flacid hang. Yesterday I was walking down a hallway at work thinking to myself that it felt heavier than normal hanging in my pants when I looked up and caught a girl looking at my crotch. She looked back up and had a big smile! Well, I felt so great about it I went home and measured.. Turns out I measured a tad less than 6 1/4”!! About 3 weeks ago I did measure flacid stretch and was 6 1/4” then. Now its up to 6 1/2”. Needless to say I’m pretty stoked. I figured that PE worked since there are so many great testimonials on here but I am super happy to see results so soon. Hope it keeps up!

Hi gasman. Those are phenomenal gains. I’m sure you have made gains, but the rate of your reported gains makes me suspect your measuring accuracy.

Here is how the PE manual says you should measure: Measure Your Penis - 2001 Site - Tom Hubbard

Are you using this method? And are you measuring the same way every time?

Good luck and happy gaining.

Yep, that’s the way I did it. Couldn’t believe my eyes and I don’t want to measure again for another month in case it goes away!

Great progress gasman! It amazes me how different people respond to PE. Good luck in the future.

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