1st Month Report

Well, it has been 1 whole month since I started this crazy little thing called PE. I started doing mostly jelqs with a few stretches the first two weeks but have focused more on the stretches since discovering my LOT was at 10. I stretch straight out, straight down, down and to the left and down and to the right. I do 3 sets of each with each set lasting a little long and pulling a little harder. I pull hard enough to feel a stretching sensation in my groin. Much similar to feeling a good burn from lifting but not too hard where there is pain. I then apply a little lube and begin slow controlled jelqs. I do about 5 sets of 50 of this anywhere from 20-60% erect. Ive been placing my hand along the side and jelqing which seems to really expand the size of my head. In all, it takes roughly 30-45 minutes a day and I do it about 4-5 days a week.I’m not sure what increases I have as I never took an accurate measure until I was in my third week of PE. MY BPEL is currently 5 1/2 and my EG is 4.75. However, because of my size, I dont believe I can accurately measure my BPEL. I imagine after losing about 50 lbs, my BPEL will increase around 1/2 inch or more. LArger than I ever thought I could be. I’ve noticed after my first month that I get erections much quicker and my unit seems to be hanging lower from the increased bloodflow. Im very happy so far and hope to gain about 1/2 inch over the next two months combining weight loss with PE. I am also hoping to increase my girth slightly as well. After 3 months, I will start hanging and after 9 months, start pumping. My goal 1 year from now is 6 3/4 BPEL and 5 1/2 EG and 3 1/2 FL would be nice as well.