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1st Injury

1st Injury

I did warm warp, stretching, 10 jelqs, warm warp, then kegels only yesterday as I was short on time. When I was doing all these things everything was fine. I just did the warm wrap and stretching and didn’t notice anything either. However, when put the coco butter on to start my jelqs I noticed something was different.

If I start at the bottom middle of the shaft and go all the way up right before the middle area before the head, and then to the left (from my point of view), the area is sticking out a lot and at first I can feel something there. When I looked more closely I realised that it’s a vein that’s really big and is protruding. It gets a little softer a little to the left, then I can feel it again almost all the way to the back of the penis if I keep moving to the left.

Is this from grabbing too hard during manual stretches? Should I take a break from PE or what?

Thrombosed Veins

Originally Posted by BoardLurker
The best way to help fix this problem is to take some time away from PE and let it heal. Healing time varies from a couple weeks to several months. Regular use of hot wraps will aid circulation. Aspirin or ibuprofen may help.

Or maybe Westla’s post: Injury to “ridge” on the underside of penis

In future more warm-up. :)

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Thanks for the links. So I should take a week off and see if it goes away.

When I start again should I use warm wraps between stretching and jelqing? I haven’t had much girth growth so I’ve been jelqing at higher levels. I guess I went a little overboard with that. Would it be a problem for me to get an erection so I can take my measurement?

No, no problem man. Cut down till a week after it goes.

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