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18yr old desperately seeking to improve erections before too late

Does this happen when you have sex, or just try to give yourself an erection? I used to never be able to get a full hard-on while masturbating.

Are you a healthy person in general? Not too overweight, non-smoker, good circulation, no health problems etc.


It happens always, masturbation, sex, whatever. During sex the prob is slightly less prominent but still there.

I am 6ft, 170 pounds, played competitive sport for over 10 years.I think I am generally very fit and healthy. I don’t smoke and only drink once every week or two. I’ve had this prob since I was like 13/14.

1) go beat your dads ass

2) get some viagra

3) see a urologist again

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I would take some time off.

Don’t master bate for a long time. I noticed this did help me a little.

Cock rings do work, but I agree, don’t want to use them forever.

I’ve tried a supplement with yohimbe, it seemed to help.

The one I used was found in “Tight” for loosing weight.

Tight also has other ingredients:

“What’s In It?

Serving Size: 1 Capsule
Servings Per Container: 60

Amount Per Serving:

Proprietary Thermogenic Complex: 375mg
(Caffeine anhydrous 99%, green tea extract 60%
EGCG, synephrine 96%, pure guggulsterones
E&Z 99%, sclareolide 96%, yohimbe 99%,
Vinpocetine 99%, bioperine 96%)

Other Ingredients:
Microcrystalline cellulose, gelatin, FD&C colors.”

Perhaps some of the above ingredients also help.

However, I haven’t found a permanent solution yet.

I’ll find out after 3 months of PE.

Fingers crossed!

Yataghan50 is fine now.

Drink whiskey.

"Well, people from Tennessee are generaly good at whatever it is they do even though they usually have no clue what they're doing."


Yataghan50, maybe you can post back here after one month of jelqs and update us on if you EQ has increased or maybe add the update to the bottom of your original post. I had EQ problems, after just two weeks of jelqs and BC training I am now fine and stronger than ever, even got 1/2in length gain as a bonus.

Cheers 4 thunders.


Update: Problem was a venous leak from the deep dorsal vein. Vein was embolized by an interventional radiologist, who used coils. This was done in early 2007. I wouldn’t say everything is COMPLETELY perfect, but then again I probably had unrealistic expectations.

That said, overall I’m very happy with the outcome. There is a HUGE difference in EQ, and this is especially apparent when everything is working properly with my mind, not just my dick.

FWIW, the small amount of PE that I tried years ago to improve EQ had no effect… but the advice/information shared with me in this commununity through various threads has been invaluable.

Hmm, are there any symptoms of a venous leakage? As I’m young, and have weak erection like you.

I believe it takes about six weeks to see results from kegels. Just keep doing them and you’ll soon have a steel pipe in you’re pants.

I rarely check this forum, maybe once every sex months. But I received a PM requesting an update on this thread, and still receive quite a few asking for general assistance. So hopefully this will help.

I’m now 27, and my erections have been fine since the procedure I had @ 19. Today they’re as strong as ever. No problems at all, and I rarely think about my past. It all seems so long ago. I’ve spent the last 8 years being a normal guy. Plenty of flings, one serious relationship with a woman I almost married, and lots of great sexual experiences. Some not so great too of course, but that’s the nature of the game!

The original problem was certainly physical. I had a thick, cord like vein which could be easily felt and seen (superficial dorsal vein) that leaked blood out when I had an erection, causing them to be weak and the head to not properly fill. But, when I pressed down on it with my finger, the blood stayed in and everything was fine.

I told this to the international radiologist, and eventually I went in for surgery. Basically I was knocked out, and then given an injection that caused an erection. Somehow the doctor monitored the blood in/out flow of the vein I had pointed out. I don’t know exactly how, but he able to discern that it was not occluding as veins normally do when the penis is erect, and blood was indeed gushing out. With that he did a procedure which involved blocking off the offending vein with a coil (embolization) It was successful, and that was that.

If you think you have a similar problem, look into international radiology. When it comes to specifics, like price/logistics I have no ideas. I didn’t pay anything, which I still don’t completely understand since it was at a private hospital. The preface involved me making trips across the country, and seeing multiple urologists, taking multiple tests (doppler and caversography) without luck. Perhaps I was shown compassion. Very, very lucky. I was also lucky in the sense that I knew exactly what the problem was. Once a test was done specifically on the vein I pointed out to, the leak was confirmed. So, the doctor felt confident to operate. If you can’t find the vein yourself, it will be trickier. I’d imagine that you will have to take the aforementioned tests and get some kind of concrete result to have any chance of someone operating. But, who knows. Make your own inquiries.

Lastly - I’d had this issue since puberty. I think either I was born with it, or did it to myself from an aggressive masturbation technique when I was 9/10. But a lot of the PM’s I get seem to be from guys that have had a similar problem recently, perhaps due to PE. Be careful guys!

Too often people bring their problems to a forum but don’t stay to explain how they cured it. Thank you for your answer!

So cavernosgram and doppler test couldn’t highlight a leaking superficial dorsal vein?

I guess PE is out of the question when you underwent such a surgery?

Originally Posted by Walter5169
Too often people bring their problems to a forum but don’t stay to explain how they cured it. Thank you for your answer!

So cavernosgram and doppler test couldn’t highlight a leaking superficial dorsal vein?

I guess PE is out of the question when you underwent such a surgery?

Welcome, I hope it can be useful.

And right, they both failed to show any problem, I’m not sure why the doppler showed nothing but from memory it only measures blood flow *into* the penis, which was never a problem for me. Re: the cavernsogram I have an idea …. The erection they gave me for the test was very, very painful and felt like it would explode. Even my hardest erections with a cock ring pre-surgery (which were very good) never compared to this. Under these conditions the head actually stayed full, and the penis stayed hard. So, at the moment they took the test blood didn’t seem to be leaking. This artificial erection was so, so hard that perhaps the tissue managed to occlude the offending vein. So … I wasn’t surprised no leaks were shown. However, this erection was nothing like a normal one. When having a normal, pleasurable and functional erection this was never the case (head remained empty, penis lost rigidity in seconds unless I pressed down on the offending vein with my finger)

I’m just guessing though. It doesn’t really explain why the doctor who did my surgery was able to find the leak, for they both evaluated me by creating an artificial erection. The difference though was that my doc focused on the superficial dorsal vein that I pointed out to him, the guy that did the cavernsogram did whatever the protocol for them was. I dunno …

Considering my past/current size, the risk/reward calculation for doing P.E exercises definitely fall into the not worth it category for me.

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Thank you, I’ve had concerns lately about my erections (no wood or very weak , struggle to reach full erection, struggle to keep it erect even though I have not released for a while), I was hoping I could leave my worries to a doppler exam / cavernosogram, but apparently not. I’ll still give them a try if my condition doesn’t improve over the next two weeks. I don’t know if your explanation on why the cavernosogram didn’t spot anything is right, but it makes sense to someone who has no medical background .

I wonder if girth work may be helpful to improve some venous leak conditions the way light pumping may enhance erections, or the way your cavernosogram erection possibly occluded the veins . Girth work would enlarge the corpus + tunica to create more pressure on the veins and occlude them better.


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