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Congrats on those crazy girth gains man :)

Im at it for ~8 months and havent seen a single gain of girth! So I do have a couple of questions for you.
How Tight do you grip your jelqs? Do you let any blood flow backwards or do you hold it easy with each stroke? Do you reheat after stretching before jelqing?

And lastly whats the difference with V jelqs?


I grip with an o grip for standard jelqs, I try to imagine I’m jelqing an egg, firm but careful not to break the shell, so it feels like I’m tempting a crack so I back off when too tight.

Thats what I learnt over at PE gym from jon pop and kingpole and who else.? Um, oh yeah pe success guy and a few others can’t recall they’re names sorry if I missed you out.

V jelqs just normal ones up left and right

The difference with V jelqs?

I’m not too sure buddy, I’m no expert on this PE thing, as far as I can tell it’s something to do with mixing up the exercises, maybe someone can enlighten you on this post.

Any takers?

I would be the happiest dude alive with that sort of gains 17ml, well done good to hear.

But 5.7 is still small girth isnt it?

Not that I’m not happy, but id be over the moon if it was sweet sweet sweet length lol

5'7 not so big.

I would kill for that girth..

But You know I am 7’ NBEL and it is not so long ;)

Start 01/01/09 6.8"BPEL(17,2cm) 4.3"MEG (11cm) Off 01/01/10 at 7.0"BPEL(17.7cm) 4.5"MEG (11.4cm). Back in PE after 4 years off - Back to NB routine the 03/01/2014 at 7.0"BPEL(17.7cm) 4.6"MEG (11.7cm)

Now :7.5"BPEL X 4.6 EG :/ Short Term Goal 7.3"X5" (lenght reached !) Long Term Goal 7.5"X5.5" : hard! (length achieve, desperate about poor girth). New goals : ST: 7.7X4.75 LT: 8X5.1

i still don’t think the 0.7” girth is correct. Perhaps you gained but nowhere’s near that amount.

Measuring the girth correctly can be a tricking thing, did you look all the way around the penis when you were measuring to make sure you actually had the angle correct? Was the tape measure snug? Are you using string? Are you measuring the same position along your shaft?

I’m really picky about my measurements as well. Hell, it downright pisses me off that I have 3 rulers each giving different results so I always have to try and calibrate everything via subtracting (usually) to get the right measurement.

Still. Good job man.

Size is little more than a controllable perception without an accurate means of measurement.

Originally Posted by Spageto
But You know I am 7’ NBPEL and it is not so long ;)

Another classic example of penis dysmorphia, 7 inches is long! It’s way above average statistically speaking. Lighten up man! Comments like these can be disheartening for others, especially those who are less endowed.

Starting Stats: 6.0(NBPEL)X5.0(EG) Current Stats: 7.25(NBPEL)X5.60(EG)

"I've seen things you people wouldn't believe. Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion. I watched C-beams glitter in the darkness at Tannhäuser Gate. All those moments will be lost in time like tears in rain. Time to die." - Roy Batty (Blade Runner).


Thank you all for your comments,

I understand the strangeness of my post, being a noob, I’m sure I will get a few posts asking if I am doing things right, all I can say is that I am very careful when measuring and even more nervous about posting them, if I make a mistake and have to edit a post, I will be a laughing stock.

I am sure of the starting measurements, I will measure once again to make sure

Today I did a Length measurement using the exact same way, and I have gained yet again.

5.800 became 5.900 this is with no kegel, clamp post pump or anything like that, this is a pure erection which wasn’t even 100 percent rock hard, though it was probably 95%

I did think long and hard, my routine for a noob is around 1 hour long, and my warm ups are longer than I thought, they range anywhere from 20-25 mins before and only 5 mins after, all done in a rather hot bath.

And I use shower gel for lube, I can give you the make if you think it makes any difference, but that would be advertising and plain madness as it’s a cheap one lol

Another routine to analyze for me.I am probably going to split up my routine too day stretching/night jelqing, but if you didn’t and it worked, maybe I won’t have to either? Also wondering if I would have to re warm up at night for my jelqs, that would be annoying.

So you jelqed at low erection levels? so about how much would you say?


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