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15 mins for 150 jelqs

15 mins for 150 jelqs

It takes me 15 mins to do aboubt 150 jelqs. Is this wrong or can i continue. I take that long because if i do it too fast than my erection becomes 100% than i have too wait about 20 secs for it to subside.

Hey Outlaw Member, I do 3 sets of 100 rep jelqs at about 85-90% erection level. Each rep takes about 5-6 seconds which translates into 100 jelqs in 10 minutes, which is exactly what you are doing. I would rather go slow than speed things up, I think it works better moving the blood slowly. Take care.

There is nothing wrong it, if this is the most ideal for you, proceed.

150 jelqs in 15 mins translates to one jelq every 6 seconds. I would say that is too slow. The purpose of jelqing is to push the blood around and expand the tissues. If you go at it really slow, the blood might not have as much of a chance to spread like it otherwise would. I guess it depends on how long you are too. If you’re quite long then it might take 6 seconds to do a jelq rep and that would be fine.

But, the most important thing to bear in mind when jelqing is to be gentle, and precise.

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Seems about right, what’s more important is the feeling you get after jelqing.

After a few months you’ll get to know this feeling - which IMHO is more important than the number of reps or time taken. Your dick’ll feel tired, but not overly painful.

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I do about 300 in 15 minutes, so that is about double the speed you are doing it. Just make sure you are doing it in a fluent motion and keep in rhythm.

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