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12 week PE rounds - going for girth

12 week PE rounds - going for girth

So, I was reading a post someone wrote the other day about how it’s beneficial to take decon breaks every now and then. I have to agree that I think it is beneficial as I believe I am seeing proof of it working since I just got off a “short” one of 4 weeks.

Then I started thinking, I know that when you lift weights, it takes about 6 weeks to see REAL results - then most people hit a plateau and it’s usually good to 1)Take a week off (yes - body builders do this sometimes. By the way - I’m not a body builder. I worked the graveyard shift at a gym, a time when all the competition body builders would workout since all the “newbies” were gone. I would ask them questions and they would hook me up) and 2)come back with a new routine.

When I would ask them about how long they would stick to a routine before switching it up, they would for the most part say 6-9 weeks. MOST of them also included a week long break of not going to the gym at all (they would stay on their diets during this time, though. That’s the REAL key). They said this keeps their body from plateauing and they would be able to train almost non-stop for shows and what not. And since they stayed on their diet, they would have a shit load of energy for when they started again and would see “fast” gains again and could gain up between 25-50 lbs of muscle a year. A lot of these dudes were HUGE. A couple did do steroids, but most of them were natural (so they said).

Well, now that I’ve seen how well a decon break can work for PE, I was thinking about going on a 6-9 week long PE cycle followed by a 2 or 3 week break. This cycle is gonna be repeated, and if I’m lucky it should get to my goal by the end of the year.

In the post I was reading, they were discussing how some people don’t make gains because they basically start doing hardcore stuff before their dicks are ready and while they may not have an injury, they do slow up their growth process. So, the trick is going to be figuring out whats enough vs whats too much (which really is the trick for anyone doing PE haha)

This is what I’ve been doing so far (all girth work. I’m satisfied with my length for now)
Week 1 - Jelqing every other day for 10 mins - long, slow strokes at around 50 - 70% erection.
Week 2 - Jelqing 2 days on and 1 day off - long, slow strokes at around 50 - 70% erection.
Week 3 - same as week 2
Week 4 - Jelq session in the AM and another in PM - long, slow strokes at around 50 - 70% erection.
Week 5 (this week) - I jelqed for about 5 mins (long and slow - about 40% erect) then I clamped for about 5. Jelqed for 5 minutes. Clamped for 7 mins. Jelqed for 7 mins. Clamped for 10 mins. Edged for about 5 minutes. THen cooled down. I’m gonna see if I wake up with morning wood. If I do, I’m gonna do this on a 2 day on 1 day off schedule and stay with this routine for the following week or maybe 2. If this proves too much, I’ll take it down a notch and start a short decon break.
Week 6 - If not the same as 5 - I’m gonna do more clamped time and a little more jelqing. Maybe I’ll do 3 sets of 10 minutes for 3 sets.
Week 7 - If it’s not time for a break, I’ll do 4 sets of 10 minutes in the clamp. Still going to jelq.
Week 8 - If it’s not time for a break, I’ll do 3 sets of 7 minutes in the AM and another 3 sets of 7 in the PM.
Week 9 - Definitely the last week - If I’m still going, I’ll do 4 sets of 10 mins in the AM and repeat in the PM.
Weeks 10-12 - No PE at all. Stay on diet and have a lot of sex!!

I’m kinda excited about this because I’ve been taking a less is more approach and I’ve been seeing CRAZY gains lately. I’ll be in “less is more” mode for about a solid 6 weeks, then throw the entisity up for the last 3. My dick will be nice and fatigued and will be “shocked” again when it gets a nice long 3 weeks to totally fix itself up only to come back into less is more mode.

What I think will be the keys
1. My diet. I eat a healthy “mass gaining” diet 6 times a day - each meal has roughly 40g of Protein, 60-80g of carbs and 10-20g of GOOD fat. That’s about 2700 - 3400 calories a day. I’m like a super hard gainer, so I have to eat my ass off in order to stay even kinda swole haha!
2. No beating the meat or edging for long periods of time. Not because it doesn’t feel good or because I think ejaculating stops gains - but I do think that jacking off works the dick in a way similar to an extremely light PE work out - and if you’re already fatigued even a light workout can slow you up.
3. SLOW jelqing with an overhand grip works so good on my dick. Why did I never try this before? This is a must for me now.

I think I may be on to something for myself. I just thought I’d share the details of my new schedule so that maybe more of us “less is more” types can find a cycle of never ending gains. Last time I had measured my dick I was at the biggest about 5.25, but as you can read here (I got her good), I’ve gained about .2 in the past 4 or 5 weeks. If I keep it up, I’ll be over my goal by the end of the year!! I think I’ve found my sweet spot!!

Good luck, brothers.

These days I think I DO have a pretty big dick

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Don't over train!! Less is more!! Drink water!! Eat right!! Be consistent!! Think Positive!! Size is the least important factor in sex!

I just read your 'I got her good' story.. Nice one.

Ahhh, the surprise reaction is worth it all, isn’t it?

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