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12 hours after pe and can't get an erection!!!

12 hours after pe and can't get an erection!!!

This is scaring me to death.

I’ve dabbled with pe on and off. Last night I did a 20 minute wet jelq and since then I have not been able to stimulate an erection. As you can imagine I am beside myself with worry. Have I overdone it, has anyone else experienced this???


Yes but only for a few hours, same happens when i kegal.

20 minutes? It’s more likely your paranoia-induced-worry is stopping you from having an erection at this point.

Yes, this sounds like its definitely mental…….

Try to relax and do something else other than worrying about your penis. Wait until you sleep and see if you have some night time erections.


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<<This is scaring me to death.>>

The “scaring” part is the problem. Unless you can say you did some major damage its performance anxiety.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

Hold your penis about 1 inch from a vagina and I guarantee an erection.

dont worry, edz

wet jelqing actually is good for erections

if you go on a few weeks you ll notice you wake up in the middle of the

night with stone hard boners, as i do

Thanks for the replies, closing in on 24 hours since the dastardly deed and still no signs of life, I’m getting seriously concerned(maybe that’s the issue).
I have a kind of dull ache down there and my scrotum hasn’t hung loosely today, just tight as if I was cold.

I hope this is all temporary, fear it may have put me off PE for good.


Thank Christ for that. Everything back to normal now and I’d even go so far as to say that the quality of my erection has increased, is that common after one jelq session?

May have given myself too much of a fright to pursue PE but we will see, thanks again.

Glad your okay:)

If you decide to carry on just take it real easy.


Cheers Murph, I will

With manual Pe it’s difficult to hurt yourself. If you, you use your hands wisely


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