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Half an inch in just over two months.

Half an inch in just over two months.

I started PEing seriously in January this year and my routines have been a mixture of girth focused PE sessions and length focused PE sessions, although even if I was focusing on a specific area of growth I would always throw in some exercises to target other areas, for example if I was on a girth campaign I would also do A and V stretches to target the tunica. I started measuring properly and keeping a log on the 5th of February 2014; I measured 6 1/2 inches BPEL. As of yesterday evening I measured 7 1/4 inches BPEL at my most erect. I realise that’s more than half an inch gain, but that first measurement of 6 1/2” was a bit sloppy so during a decon a few weeks later I took a series of measurements over about 4 days and consistently measured 6 3/4” so I used that as my new baseline to measure from. To say I’m over the moon is an understatement. I was as skeptic as the next person but a gain of half an inch is too large a gain to be written off as poor measurement or JUST better EQ. I always measure in the same place, using the same measuring tape and consciously apply the same amount of pressure. I realise this gain could be down to a mixture of newbie gains and maybe some improved EQ but a gains a gain as far as I’m concerned. If I continue to gain in this way I should have no problem reaching my goal of gaining an inch within a year. I thought I’d share a few things I’ve come to realise over the course of the past two months in the hope that they might be of use or encouragement to others:

- PI are the most important tool in PE, listen to them and use them to your advantage. I tried a 5 on 2 off routine and on the 3rd day my dick almost disappeared. So I took a decon and switched to a 2 on 2 off and he’s been fine with minimal turtling. The line between too little and too much is a thin one.

- I’m definitely a less is more person. My dick gets fatigued very easily so I’ve never been one of these PEers who can go at there dick for 6 days in a row and not expect it to turtle up and die. I think I benefit more from intense PE sessions with regular breaks. My current routine is 2 on 2 off.

- Don’t measure too often. PE has a cumulative effect, some days you might measure way less than you do normally and seeing that loss in measurement might have a negative psychological impact but in the long run you should still be gaining if PEing correctly.

- A cockring is my best friend, it prevents too much turtling throughout the day and gives me a nice plump flaccid. Whether wearing a cockring throughout the day will benefit my girth in the long run remains to be seen, I’ve only been wearing one as an all day device for 5 days.

- Just because doctors or the majority of people discredit something doesn’t mean that it doesn’t work. Doctors are not scientists.

- The penis is an amazingly complicated and varied organ of the body. It fascinates me how one person can do a 5 day intense routine and not have their dick drop off, yet others cannot, even after years of PEing.

- I’m constantly learning. In the next week I will probably discover something different about how my dick responds to PE. My gains may suddenly stop. I may even lose gains. But even a loss can be turned into a positive in that your dick is telling you what you are doing isn’t right and you need to change it.

Thanks for reading guys :)

Current: 7 1/4" BPEL, 5 1/2" EG

Goal: 7 1/2" BPEL, 6" EG, 7 inches NBPEL, the magic number!

Oh and I’ve just realised I need to update my stats ;)

Current: 7 1/4" BPEL, 5 1/2" EG

Goal: 7 1/2" BPEL, 6" EG, 7 inches NBPEL, the magic number!

Hey man, would u post ur routine? I have been doing PE for as long as you and have just seen maybe better EQ. Also, where can I find a cockring? Thanks

Yes do please share your routine. I am most curious as I have not gained at all after two months of hanging. And can you post a photo of your cockring? I sometimes wrap my penis during the day in order to avoid turtling but this makes peeing difficult during the day. So perhaps a cockring may be a better solution.

Quim92, my routine is still in it’s ‘beta’ stage, I’m still trying to work out what works best for me but all I can say is I THINK I’ve found a happy medium between over training and under training. I start off by warming up in the shower. I hold the shower head on my unit for a good 5 minutes and do some light stretches while it’s under the water just to loosen up my ligs. You can never warm up too much as far as I’m concerned. When I’m out the shower I then stretch for 10 minutes. I stretch for 5 minutes with my TLC vacuum tugger which I bought last year, it’s meant as an ADS but comes in handy as a manual stretch device during PE sessions, but you could just do manual stretches. I try to stretch in every direction and kinda just make it up as I go along. I also do some fulcrum stretches using my hand as a fulcrum, I form a tight ring around the base of my dick and stretch in all directions with my other hand, I then move my hand up about an inch, stretch again, then another inch, stretch again, until I finally reach the top. I also do some A and V stretches. After stretching I wrap my dick in a hot cloth for a few minutes just to reapply some heat to my dick. I then do 100 dry jelqs with an over hand grip, 50 on each hand. I really try to push back onto the pubic bone when I do these so I’m starting the jelq further back into my fat pad. I take about 2-3 seconds to do each jelq. I then do 100 wet jelqs with baby oil. I use an underhand grip for the first 50, and then an overhand grip for the last 50. I try and work my dick from as many directions and dimensions as possible. Sometimes I just improvise. I’ve started doing this jelq where I wet jelq using an underhand grip but I leave my hand below the glans as I start the next jelq instead of moving my hand away and you can feel the resistance in your shaft as you begin the jelq, but I wouldn’t recommend that as a newbie, possibly after a month or so into your routine so your dick is more conditioned? To finish off I clamp an erection off with a cockring with a bit of visual stimulation thrown in to get me hard and also clamp the base of my dick with my hand and then do 10 kegels, I then very slowly do one slow jelq that should take you about 10 seconds. I do this only once. Previously I would edge for about 5-10 mins with a cockring on and do some ulis but I got told this was too extreme for a girth routine so I may introduce that at a later date if my gains dry up.

Cenvil2001, the cockring I use is the one in the following link…Sling-Cock-Ring. It’s safer than a normal cock ring. A rubber cock ring allows for little expansion, a metal cockring allows for absolutely none, where as this one you can adjust throughout the day, for example if you get an erection it will expand slightly but then when the erection subsides it will be lose around the base of your dick so I just nip to the bathroom, pull my dick back through and tighten it at the top. Voila. One plump penis. There are other adjustable cock rings on the market though not just that one. My one’s quite cheap and cheerful.

I have noticed that I still do get a little turtling with this routine but that’s normal, and by the afternoon it’s back hanging at its normal length.

Can I also make a point of not wearing tight underwear! On PE days I make a point of wearing lose fitting underwear so my penis is not all bunched up and squashed and has room to hang! Just a tip.

Any other questions let me know.

Current: 7 1/4" BPEL, 5 1/2" EG

Goal: 7 1/2" BPEL, 6" EG, 7 inches NBPEL, the magic number!

Congratulations Lil!

Keep up with the good work!

Start January 2013: NBPEL 6.2" (15,7cm) / MSEG 5.2" (13,2cm) / BPEL 6.6"(16,8cm) / FL - 3.5" (9cm) / FG - 3.9" (10cm)

Mid-term Goal : NBPEL 6.7"(17cm) / MSEG 5.5"(14cm) / FL 4.5" (11,5cm) / FG 4.5"(11,5cm)

Thanks man. Maybe 5 days a week in my case is too much… My routine is similar but u do many squeezes. I will take more days off. When I PE my penis is tired from the previous day but it doesn’t hurt. So maybe I should take a couple days once in a while. Thanks

That is a lot of work. Who has time for that? Let alone resources. I don’t even warm up. I wrap my dick and hang 10lbs/5kgs for 20 minutes and then take a break for 10 minutes. And after that I do two more sets and I am done and done. I try to do some wet jelqs in the shower after my workout in the afternoon but thats only 100 jelqs in various directions at best.

Zx8000, my routine takes me 40 minutes max. And the only things I use are my hands, some baby oil and a cock ring.

Current: 7 1/4" BPEL, 5 1/2" EG

Goal: 7 1/2" BPEL, 6" EG, 7 inches NBPEL, the magic number!

9 days into my new routine. Constant longer flaccid hang, I remember some days my dick used to shrivel up like a button mushroom when flaccid but I haven’t had that situation for well over a month now. Yesterday I almost measured 1/16 over my previous measurement of 7 1/4.

Current: 7 1/4" BPEL, 5 1/2" EG

Goal: 7 1/2" BPEL, 6" EG, 7 inches NBPEL, the magic number!

Congrats man. What is your new routine?

Originally Posted by quim92
Congrats man. What is your new routine?

Same as before bud, see above ^

I might start incorporating a few short evenings sessions in as well, reading some of the posts on BeardedDragon’s ‘Big Gainer Highlights’.

Current: 7 1/4" BPEL, 5 1/2" EG

Goal: 7 1/2" BPEL, 6" EG, 7 inches NBPEL, the magic number!

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