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11x7 here I come

11x7 here I come

I had an interesting idea for gains. There as a post here of some guy who increased his gains to like 1/4 inch in two weeks. His post had a bunch of mathematics about fractals and Fibonacci sequences. Lets say that I took a nice long week break. And started only with 10 jelqs and on each day and increased the number by 1.68 per day
It would go like this

And have 3000 jelqs at the end of two weeks. When you hit the 300 jelq mark you do split each session into 300 jelqs. At the end of the training cycle you are doing ten sessions per day. And after this you take a weeks break. Rinse repeat. I do not think doing more than 3000 jelqs at the end of the cycle would increase gains becuase your penis is already 80% conditioned and anymore would
Take a weeks rests and repeat.
There is a correlation between mathematical concepts such as golden ratio, Fibonacci and your gains in PE. Your Tunica is a fibrous tough layer of collagen which obeys physical laws of mechanics. Many of these force vs expansion laws are nonlinear and have a rapidly approaching asymptotic limit as far as you can expand. That is why you increase the number of jelqs exponentially. Be increasing logarithmically you are preventing your penis from being conditioned to fast. At by starting out very slow you enable a combined con break with jelqs. Maybe this could be combined with a program of stretching. Except that hen your jelq number is low your hang time is high and you decrease the hang time exponentially.

Just imagine if with this routine you could gain a consistent 3/8 inch per month.

Hi, this sounds so strange. I am going to analyze it tomorrow!


This sounds like a “golden” theory, I will be following up on any experiment results.

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I’m interested in seeing if it works. Only thing is, could you over do it?

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Jelqfanatic, your post does not address at least one key factor.

What makes one day of twenty-four hours the perfect period, physiologically, between the jelq sessions? The numeric series may be perfect, but what defines the perfect interval for training, and is it of necessity fixed?

Or maybe the interval between jelq sessions itself should be variable and follow a Fibonacci series:

10 jelqs, and wait 10 (seconds? minutes? hours?) until your next session.
16.8 jelqs, and wait 16.8 (seconds? minutes? hours?) until your next session.
22 jelqs, and wait 22 (seconds? minutes? hours?) until your next session.
47 jelqs, and wait 47 (seconds? minutes? hours?) until your next session.
And so on.

For Lampwick, becoming hung like a donkey was the result of a total commitment.

Lets see, I’m no mathematician, but 3008 Jelks done at 3 seconds each would take 2.51 hours, and if you wanted to take your time and do them at 5 seconds each, it would take 4.17 hours, not counting warm up and cool down. You don’t want to know what it would take to do them at 8 seconds each, and that don’t count any other PE exercises. You would definitely end up with a bad ass grip, and some Popeye arms! I just don’t have that much free time, but it really does sound interesting, I think!

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The method is mathematically sound but doesn’t take into account human growth limitations. It is a bit like the Munsters episode where the father figures he can jump from 1 foot farther every day and by the 1000Th day he can jump from a plane without a parachute or the age old parable where a farmer lifts a calf every day and by the time the calf grows up he is able to lift a 2000 pound cow. Another good case of testing with very close monitoring of PI’s to determine what is too much.

Personally, I think jumping from 377 to 1066 jelqs in 2 days is too much for your dick to handle. Even with a 7 day break in between your 5 day workouts. However, I am intrigued and would love to see your results after several months on a routine like this. Please try it out and get back to us. However I may advise a somewhat lighter routine.

Wow, this is the most far-fetched idea I have heard in a while.

Why would this actually work? The premise is supposedly set on mathematical conjectures and physical theories, but these theories have little to nothing to do with working your flesh. I am not trying to be antagonistic here. Geometrically, yes, the golden ratio has a lot of phenomenal applications. Yet, does it have anything to do with reps? No.. If someone will post some data showing the golden number pop up across a large sample size, then cool, I’ll eat a shoe.

On the other hand, your conditioning hypothesis is interesting. Perhaps a wilder, more deviating program for jelqing could be beneficial. This sort of varying routine regiment works with high intensity interval training running (HIIT) and can be heard of in the lifting realm (muscle confusion.though it may just be a fad). On the other hand, you can argue that to gain, you would simply be required to push yourself to overloaded and then rest to recuperate the flesh.

PS.. The golden ratio is 1.618. So, for those zealous enough to give this a try, you’ll be doing 1990 on that final day.
PPS.. Really, don’t take my post personally. I’m attacking the idea, not you. :)

I’ve asked this question before, but… Has anyone had success with an intense 5 on then 7 off routine. Or would this only diminish the possibilities of growth when compared to something of a 1 on 1 off routine. My body whether weight training or PE always seems to do well with 3-4 days of rest.

Mathematics is interesting but I doubt it can apply to PE ;) . I truly doubt that the number of repetitions scale linear with the gain in size. Also, I have done the different exercises for some time now and it is rather exhausting doing jelqs for only 20 minutes and impossible to do for 1 hour. I guess you are joking a bit jelqfanatic.

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Interesting jelqfanatic

I make a living with mathematics, I’m a currency trader (day trader) and I use Fibonacci’s a lot, does it work with the 38 percent retracement for a change with the whole numbers process?

Maybe we can put a mac d and a stochastic indicator on our penis lmao

38 being the most common grounds for change in the market/routine

All this maths talk is giving me a bit of a headache so this may have nothing to do with the discussion, but wouldn’t your hand pressure and erection level also play a big part?

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Originally Posted by jelqfanatic
And have 3000 jelqs at the end of two weeks.

You’re a nutjob, y’know that!

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