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11x7 here I come

The analogy with penis size and newbies setting loft goals such as 11x7 reminds me of people just starting to work out.

I have to laugh when people tell me they are working out and want to get bigger, “but I do not want to be as big as you”. It is not like just one day you wake up and say, Oh shit I got huge, now what do I do?

or the other newbie and lifter analogy is:

Well I gained a 1/2” in 3 months, so if I keep at this I will look like Mandingo in about 2 years.
Well I started working out I weighed 170 and less than a year I put on 20lbs. So if I keep at it in about 6 more years I will look like Ronnie Colman. It just doesn’t work that way.

Originally Posted by Mr. Happy
It’s pretty hard to set aside pomposity though, isn’t it?

Whether yours or mine.

No, not really. It is just your style.

Calm down in the drunk room, SteadyGains.

Originally Posted by kooljohn
Due to what you see on the tv you think size zero women who resemble 10 year old boys are attractive and that’s the standard of beauty that you should be seen with,hanging off your arm. Of course the truth is when you take a look around that women have curves,full figures & normally eat so they look nothing like the stick insects the media/fashion world hold up as the ideal woman.

This is so true and absolutely hilarious. Well said.

The great elm.


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