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11 yr old doing PE

Anyway, he will receive a PE commercial e-mail very soon, he will cope with the society he was born in.

Perseverance wins

Originally Posted by Klayton
Would you tell an eleven year old to start taking steroids and lifting weights?

Lifting weights? Yes. Steroids? Hell no!

"We have met the enemy, and he is us."

Originally Posted by westla90069

I’d say 11 is way too young. Besides that, he may not have the insecurities about his size that you do. Why burden him with the solution to a problem he may not have? Until he’s gone through puberty and then ASKS FOR INFORMATION, it’s irresponsible to say anything.

I agree. That’s probably not even be on his mind at this time. He may not even know that they come in different sizes.
Maybe when he’s 14 he’ll search the internet and find something and start doing it like me. But you need to let him do that on his own.
Don’t burden children with adult problems.

All I want for Christmas is a little EG,

and to correct curvature, which is going well.

Originally Posted by Churchy Lefemme
Lifting weights? Yes. Steroids? Hell no!

I dont think I’d recommend an 11 year old start doing that type of thing. I’d recommend that he stay active and away from the T.V. and wait until high school to start with tha type of thing.

All I want for Christmas is a little EG,

and to correct curvature, which is going well.

I dunno. My first ejaculation was two months after my 11th birthday and I worried about my penis size soon afterwards.

IF I were introduced to PE then, I would have lived a different life. Now, as to mentioning it. The best thing to do is confide in him by telling him you do it because you would like to improve your penis like you enjoy improving your appearance and health by doing other exercises. That’s it. Tell him you do it because that’s what you want to do. Do not even say, “If you want to know more, just ask sometime.” This way he’ll know about it, he’ll be aware that YOU know about it, that you aren’t embarrassed to speak of it, that you trust him, and that you don’t think there’s anything wrong with him. If he’s ever really interested, he’ll ask you.

Otherwise don’t mention it again unless he brings it up.

So yes, I’m disagreeing with everyone else here because I wish I could turn back the clock. You know your brother, we don’t.

My proverbial 2 cents.

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Originally Posted by westla90069
Do not, under any circumstances, project your inadequacies onto another person. Let him live his own life and make his own adjustments. If he (any “he, ” not just the 11 year old under discussion) thinks he is small, after puberty, and asks for help, then telling him about PE is OK. To assume that your problem is also his problem is presumptuous, at least, and arrogant at worst.

I disagree with you, westla90069.
1) Regarding inadequacy: I’ve been proud of my body. There is a difference between an inadequacy and a preference.
2) Regarding presumptuousness: I indeed presume that MOST guys who are smaller than average would prefer to be bigger, even if they are at peace with their current size. I make no apologies for this. I believe it is true.
3) Regarding arrogance: When you are in the position of being a mentor/parent/teacher, you have a responsibility to provide the best you can for this person. If this includes awareness of choices such as something previously though impossible (to enlarge ones penis) I think this could a great blessing.
4) Regarding waiting until after puberty: Why not take advantage of the growth hormone that is already in the system, but for whatever reason, not triggering penis growth? The resulting increase would be faster with less effort.

My dad knew that I had a small penis, but he never made me feel bad about it. Had he known that there was a way to make it bigger, I would have thanked him (as an adult). From a child’s vantage point, they don’t see the REASON, but they would trust the adult’s guidance. For example, a child doesn’t want to brush his teeth, but the adult’s prodding helps prevents cavities and problems. Does the child feel happy about this? NO. But later, when he sees that he has healthy teeth, as an adult, he is then grateful for the guidance to have brushed as a kid.

If I had had the opportunity to grow a larger penis while I was still growing, this would have been just fantastic. My arms and hands would be most appreciative!

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How are you supposed to know if any prepubescent boy will have a small penis after puberty? They’re pretty much the same size from age three until they start puberty which is generally around 12. Telling any boy about PE is the same as saying, “you have a small dick and will be unhappy with it when you grow up.”

If you have a normal penis size and “prefer” a bigger one, that’s fine. Even if you have a small one and are otherwise happy, but “prefer” to enlarge it, that’s fine, too. However, you cannot make those kind of “preference” decisions for another person. You may also think that your daughter would “prefer” to have larger breasts and may suggest, at age 12, that she have a breast augmentation (which you would pay for). Do you think she (who “owns” the breasts and has her own view of how happy she is with them) would accept your suggestion without wondering why you think she has small breasts or why you even think it’s OK to discuss her breasts? Same thing with this boy. His penis size and his satisfaction, or dissatisfaction, with it is his business, not yours or anyone else’s.

Body modification things like this are not in the realm of “being a good parent.” It’s invasive and in most cases would lead to the child having feelings of inadequacy as well as distrust in the individual who told him “he’s too small” even before he knows what he can do with his penis besides urinate.

Your feelings of wishing for the opportunity when you were younger in no way means that everyone else would have the same feelings. It’s irresponsible to think so and worse to say something like this to a boy who hasn’t even started to grow.

I havn’t read the last two posts, but I will after this one, sorry if someone said this.

Another opinion of mine, is that you should wait for this reason.
His penis will get TOO. BIG. Girth is okay, and though the vagina is an elastic like body part that can stretch sideways, I’m not quite too sure that it will stretch forward, and if you get him on PE and he decides he wants to do some stretching he’ll be knocking her uterus into shambles because of you, and she might even have to get all the stuff taken out because his penis won’t fit without smacking her fallopian tubes or something. You should wait at least till he has some growth, before sizing him up and then later have him yelling at his penis like a balloon filled with helium ‘no! Don’t grow any larger, nooooooooo!’. If he starts PE now, then he won’t be able to put his hard work to the test. Plus the girth will be so big, it might not even get in there to start stretching.

And as for gee I sure wish I had started earlier, that is a want you manifested after you grew older and probably watched porn and all that stuff, but really when you are 11 you don’t think about those things, and you want to do what is important to you at the time. Life (oh no an analogy) is like a tower, you can’t build the top up there with the big penises when you don’t even have the basic stuff down.

Westla, just saying I like your example about the big breasts on a twelve year old girl, that makes sense, no one would do that.

I’ve heard such things like lifting weights at early ages has chances to stunt development and growth.

11 is too young. The kid hasn’t even gone through puberty, and probably just had his first boner this year. No need to toss another layer of insecurities on top of that.

I honestly don’t think you should start PE until you are fully developed, maybe 16-17ish at the least.

I would teach him about PE as soon as he enters puberty.

Dont teach your child PE, that was my penis will be at least larger than his.


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Originally Posted by Makemelarge
I’ve heard such things like lifting weights at early ages has chances to stunt development and growth.

I disagree with this.

Regarding the 11 year old and PE, I suspect that there might be a physiological advantage to starting early. However, I believe that is outweighed by the psychological and ethical barriers. I just don’t see how discussing PE with a child that age could possibly go well, unless the child is the one who brought it up.

"We have met the enemy, and he is us."

I guess if I looked at this in a non-hypocritical fashion, I would say that if my Dad started me at PE when I was 11, and if it was with good instruction from a place like Thunders, and it gave me a bigger and healthier wang to use through my high school and early 20’s, I would probably still be thanking him!!!

I would have had more confidence since I was totally obsessed with the size of my penis, that would have likely had me hanging with a better crowd and smarter people because I would have not been so shy. If I had hung (so to speak) with smarter people I would have likely gone to college. If I had gone to college I would probably have a better job and not be working for myself in front of a damn computer all day and I wouldn’t be here responding to a thread on a penis enlargement forum about whether or not an 11 year old should start PE.

Just random thoughts


Start Date Nov 05 2006: BPEL (5.50) NBPEL (5.0) E .Girth(4.75) F. Length(4.00) F. Girth(4.25)

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