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11 days in

11 days in

Hi guys,

My first post which is more of a thanks than anything else as this site has been a revelation to me!

I’m now 11 days in and learning. I stumbled across this site after reading up about fat implants. It was fantastic to find this site though as it really did reduce a lot of my own stigma about my own size.

I am following the newbie routine and have worked up the minutes to 8 minutes manual stretching and 20 minutes wet jelq. The guide said start with 5 and 10 and work up. So a bit worried that I’ve jumped too much to quickly.

Still learning the techniques too. Read a bundle of threads and watched the videos so hopefully I’m doing OK. Every day though I’m getting better. Still finding it hard to hold just the foreskin when stretching. It either slips out or I end up holding the whole top half to get enough grip. Hopefully that’s something I’ll get used to soon.

Thanks for all the contributors the info is fantastic!

You should pull back the foreskin when stretching. The V grip and toilet paper also will help.

Many thanks, I’ll try that Saturday (tomorrows my “rest” day).

Thanks again.

Thanks Marinera, your suggestion was a revelation.

I tried the v grip but found it too painful on the gland. But it made me realise I had just wasted my first two weeks doing manuals. Previously I was trying to keep hold of below the gland but what was happening was that my foreskin would move, the gland would “slip back” and I’d basically continue stretching by just gripping the foreskin.

Trying the v grip made me think that stretching by just pulling the foreskin, I was probably wasting time and that I need to make sure the shaft is stretched and not the skin.. Is that right?

A bit disheartening to think I wasted 2 weeks but at least (I think anyway) that I’ve now learned that I have to be stretching the whole thing from below the gland rather than just the stretching from the skin.

marinera is one hell of a mentor, listen to his wisdom. Welcome to Thunder’s, Hope you read the Forum Guides Lines. All the information is here, and it is free.

Just knoe, everything we do is dangerous. Listen to your unit, if it hurts while PEing either stop or slow it up a bit’

Good luck with your future endeavors.

Thanks for the welcome. I’ve read lots, so much so that its a lot to take in (but I’m sure everyone on here remembers how it feels starting out!). This is a great site with so much info.

Originally Posted by plastik

Thanks Marinera, your suggestion was a revelation.


That’s strange, how are you performing it? You could check this thread

Tricks And Tips For Manual Stretching

Marinera, that’s the thread I looked at for the grip when you first mentioned it. However I find that as I stretch I feel the pressure on the head intensely enough to be too uncomfortable to stretch much. Its ok downwards and to the sides but certainly too much stretching upwards.

Instead I use the grip in the videos on the beginners thread. When I do that grip I find that the grip is good, not needing to be ultra tight. I can still stretch comfortably and really feel the pull.

Problem is that where I grip (just below the gland) I’m getting broken blood vessels and it stays for the day. It leaves the skin in the area I’m gripping dark (although you can see it’s from the broken blood vessels). Is that something to worry about?

.And just to add (so you know I’m not just asking without researching).

I have read a lot but forgive my noobness! I find it hard to process a lot of the info. So apologises as I know all this is probably covered in spades, but its likely I haven’t found those threads or not worked out the relation of them!

Also I did a few searches for “blood clots” “colouring” and “blood vessels” but couldn’t find any that described what I mean exactly. I did scare myself massively reading the posts and threads about people who are actually bleeding O.o

Blood spots?

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