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10th Anniversary Gift

10th Anniversary Gift

I will be celebrating the 10th year of being married to my wife on February 14, 2007, which is 21 weeks from now (a little more than 4 months). I started PEing so I can give her as a gift a bigger dick. I am aiming to gain 1 inch in 5 months (I started almost a month ago). In top of starting PE, I also started reading two books to become multi-orgasmic as well as one book about perfectioning my cunnilingus abilities. All in all, when we go for our second honeymoon (alone of course, I will leave the kids with their grandma) I expect to be trained like a professional lover and have a better tool to do the job.

Before starting my PE adventure I set 3 goals:
1) Short Term goal: 1 inch gain in length by the 5th month
2) Mid Term goal: 2 inches gain in length by the 12th month
3) Long Term goal: 3 inches gain in length by whatever it takes. (That is 8” NBPEL)

Quite frankly I do not care about girth, as I already have decent girth (EGBase = 5.4” EGMid= 5.1”), and I am sure it will keep growing even if I only focus on length. I am depositing all my faith to my Jes Extender for the Short Term Goal, probably Newbie Routine just to get prepared for the future. After that I will certainly go into more advanced PE exercises and pumping for my Mid Term and Long Goals.

Since my first goal will be Newbie gains mainly I think I am not setting the bar too high, am I? Advice from the veterans using extenders would be appreciated? Is 1 inch in 5 months using the Extender 40 hours a week (I will be very close to hit 1000 hours by February 14) at mid to max tension appropriate?

Thanks in advance for the comments.

Initial Measurement (11-Sep-2006): BPEL: 13.8 cm, NBPEL: 12.7 cm, EG(Mid): 13.0 cm

9th Month Progress (6-Jun-2007): BPEL: 15.2 cm, NBPEL: 14.2 cm, EG(Mid): 13.5 cm

Aiming at 1 inch increase in 5 months. Is it feasible?

Initial Measurement (11-Sep-2006): BPEL: 13.8 cm, NBPEL: 12.7 cm, EG(Mid): 13.0 cm

9th Month Progress (6-Jun-2007): BPEL: 15.2 cm, NBPEL: 14.2 cm, EG(Mid): 13.5 cm

It’s feasible, I suppose, but it all depends on how well your body takes to pe. Some guys can gain an inch in 3 months, where there’s guys (like myself) who have been doing it for 8 or 9 months and still have no gains. There’s nothing “set in stone” about how much you will or won’t grow in a certain amount of time.

The reaper cannot claim you if the reaper cannot catch you.

It might be possible.

Check out Babbis’ Modified Newbie Routine if you want some decent newbie gains.

Myself and others have gained well from his routine. I managed around 1cm in one phase (18 days).

Of course, do not expect to gain exactly the same, as everyone is different.

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