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10min/day jelqing too less?


Originally Posted by Phyriel
Heheh bird2 this is pretty hard, my dick is not a machine that I can control my erection, but I didn’t know that low erection jelq is for length

You will over time.

If your erection % isn’t high enough, watch porn.

If your erection % isn’t low enough, do stretches first and get some distraction. If that doesn’t help, consider masturbation pre-PE.

Johnny Inches, this is pretty much still my routine:

Mon, Tues, off wed, Thurs, Fri, off sat and sun. Just doing it by the book for the most part.

Warm wrap 5 min, stretch up, down, left, right, out. 2 sets of 30-45 sec each position. Also do V stretches up and down.

Wet Jelq, I’m trying 5 min each position: regular straight out, overhand and downward to left, right, and straight. Then upward to the left right and straight up toward belly button. Sometimes kind of mix in a v stretch into my straight out Jelq if that makes sense. (Damn, I guess that more like 35 minutes)

When finished I squeeze at the base and hold that for a minute or so x 2.
After that sometimes I do sitting BTC stretch for.well until I need to get up, usually 15 -20 minutes.


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