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100 percent new need some advice

100 percent new need some advice

Ok so I’m totally new to this and I have started with the pe routine for around 1 week and I recentally ordered an extender and I was wondering can I jump right into using the extender along with the newbie routine or is there a given amount of time I should strictly do the newbe routine before adding in the extender

I think you should stick to the newbie routine untill you’ll stop gaining. then go for new exercises like the extender!

Burn that tunica!

Ok sounds like that is what I will do and I guess as being new I’m a little skeptical does pe actually work and will the gains stay after stopping or do I need to do this forever thanks

The longer you do the newbie routine before adding the extender the better. Even if it’s just to get to know your penis better and how it is behaving and responding now you are doing PE.

Try and read up as much as you can on the forum to find out what you can about extender use. When you do think you are ready and you are starting early in your PE ‘career’, be very careful and use it very lightly and build up slowly the duration and intensity of use. If in any doubt, don’t use.

I don’t think that anyone will give you a 100% certain answer to use it or just do the newbie routine. Each guy is different and some will be ready to use it and some can only do a light newbie routine. If you are doing a full newbie routine and you have gains why change. If you have no problems but no gains after a month or 2 (or better 3) then maybe you would think about adding it. If the newbie routine is too stressful then do not add.

I hope that wasn’t too rubbish advice. Basically, be careful whatever you do. Good luck!

Ok so how much have you guys seen just from pe alone and how much time did it take

Welcome. Follow the advice above. Start out very slow and easy. Be patient. I am NOT one of the big gainers here. However, I am just starting to see what others have reported, after seeing nothing for a long time.

Hopefully, you will respond to PE relatively quickly. I personally didn’t. I had to figure out what worked for me personally, which is what everyone has to do. If you are ever really down about PE, and doubting yourself, please check out my thread, as I hope it will inspire you not to quit. I am still working on making progress, but things definitely seem to be headed in a positive direction. Don’t give up. :)

Progress (or lack thereof) Log

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Current measurements (Nov. 2017): BPEL: 8in EG: 5.75in BPFSL: 8.25in flaccid BP length: 6in


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