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100% hands free on command erection


100% hands free on command erection

Is it possible to achieve a 100% erection hands free on command?

If so how do I go about achieving that..


Title should be 100%

It is possible but I don’t like doing it. If I use kegels to achieve an erection, it is usually weaker and shorter than my natural erection. Why do you ask?

I would like to know this too. Can any of you achieve an erection without any sort of manual stimulation?

I can sometimes if I really concentrate in my mind.

Please teach me how to do it because at 61 and alcoholic I’d like to be able to do that too. I can pay you some money if it works.

Is it a mental thing (trying to let your imagination really arouse you), or is there something physical you do?

For me it works but I need to be in silence and concentrated. Otherwise my hands go down to finnish the job.

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Is everyone in this thread old? :p

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I am 20..

The reason I ask is because of Porn I can’t get an erection without quite a bit of stimulation.. My mental part is numb due to the porn.. Nothing is as exciting anymore..

I want to be able to kegel a few times and have an erection without having to stimulate it.. Or even just think some sexy thoughts and get an erection.. I saw a video where this guy gets an erection in 5 seconds.. Looks like he kegels about 5 times and each pump increases his erection like 20%

How about stop watching porn for a month? Wouldn’t you rather have the ability to get aroused by sex?

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Try avoiding ejaculatiing for 2-3 months and then come back to report.

Get away from porn and work on developing you’re own fantasies.

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I can do it mentally (imagination of a certain female.. god she’s so fuckin sexy, every time we hug or wrestle i’m dam near about to burst from my undies lol, and she’s always grabbing my junk…another story lol) but not instantly takes about 20-25 seconds. Makes clamping easy when you’re in a situation when u can’t have more time/privacy.

BTW i find fantasizing way more arousing than porn, and I watch porn for about an hour every day.

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Originally Posted by ThickShady
Is it possible to achieve a 100% erection hands free on command?

If so how do I go about achieving that..


Nope.. and I am 22

Still dealing with physiological problems, even while my heart is at it’s resting rate of 58bpm I still can not get erection “hands free on command”.

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