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10 hours daily of home-office - Hanging, extender, all-day stretch?


Originally Posted by ironaddict69
Ugh I hate my x4! How do you get the strap to not slip, and what do you wrap with!? I screamed at mine today.

Laughs hysterically

That’ll show it who’s boss.

Size is little more than a controllable perception without an accurate means of measurement.

Hahahahaha shut up. I just screamed like “fuck you” out of frustration and threw it off. How do you get them to stick and not slip? The notches are too dinky.

Originally Posted by ironaddict69

you’ve really done 2 hour sets!? Wow! What wrap did you use and where, what material? Could you please elaborate?

I would typically do 12-15# for 2-3 hours with a vac hanger after wraping with medical tape. The idea is to wrap so that the maximum expansion of the glans is limited by the tape. You can read more about it here.

Enter your measurements in the PE Database.

Thank you very much, I bet you got super fatigued?

On another note, to the OP heading title, is there a difference between ADS and an extender?

Regarding x4 extender slippage, the brief answer is Bulldog clamps.

Before I was able to get on here, I only had access to the x4 message boards and scanned them thoroughly, having sometimes to go back several years to get the answer I needed. I had all the typical extender problems, one of the key being the comfort band (HA HA HA what a misnomer) slipping. In the forums, and you will probably have to search to find it, somebody mentioned bulldog clamps,which you can get from any office supply store or probably walmart or target. They are the clips that you use to secure large piles of paper together.

The smallest ones around 3/4 inch wide will work adequately. Once you tighten the strap down, you simply attach the clamp on the back side,(1 on each end of the strap) preventing most of the slippage.

The comfort straps do have a limited lifespan however, and after 4 or 5 months, should be replaced as even with the bulldog clamps, they still can slip. Hope this helps.

As far as x4 wrapping goes.

For the base plate: I put 3 sheets of folded toilet paper through the base plate where it meets the scrotum on the underside, and then squeeze the foam tube that comes with the noose under the base plate on the underside.
For the top of the x4, I just use the foam cylinder that comes with the x4. This also has a lifespan of 4 or 4 months.

Have you guys gained using the thing? I myself have not.

I ordered the Bib Starter:)


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