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1 Year Newbie - Trying to Figure Out Next Steps

1 Year Newbie - Trying to Figure Out Next Steps

So, I’m not exactly a newbie, but my story is mildly interesting. I started out my PE adventures almost exactly a year ago with an extender. I did this for a long time, but got to the point where one of my balls would ache after even short sessions, and it was apparent that the base of the extender was pressing on some connective tissue or something and causing the problem. Initial stats were 5.5 BPEL, and 4.9 MEG, and I extended on to ~6.4 BPEL, and 5 MEG, but I don’t have a ton of time to throw at this. I have been doing 400 jelqs a day, 3 days on, 2 days off, and it seems to be paying off for girth because I am up to 5.2 inches MEG, but length seems to be evading me. Today I tried to mix things up and added a 20 minute hanging session following by the regular jelqing routine; I started off with 2 lbs, but ended up going with 4 lbs before I really felt a good tug, and finished off with 400 jelqs. I found that the end part of the extender works really well for hanging after some minor (and reversible) modification.

It seems like hanging is normally an every day thing, but I also think rest days are important. I’ve tried a bit of clamping here and there too, but it makes me a little nervous.

So I guess my question is if a 20 minute hanging session followed by 400 jelqs is a good routine at 3 days on/2 days off? Maybe I should go with 2x 20 minute sessions with 200 jelqs? Or if I should go to one of the newbie routines (although as you can tell I am not really a total newbie).

Anyways, I am interested to get some feedback.hopefully my first post was not too jumbled or difficult to follow.

Hey, sorry I can’t really comment on what routine is good for you because I’m still relatively new but I was wondering if you thought that the extender was worth the gains you received.

Also, how many hours you wore it, what type of extender you used, and if it was everyday or every other day etc.
I’m not sure if I should buy one or not but I’m very interested. I keep hearing up and down things about them.
Some saying they work and other saying it’s not worth it.

And don’t worry I’m sure someone will answer your specific questions, I’m not trying to hijack your thread or anything.

Hi ThirdLegBlind. If you’ve been doing PE for a year and you are getting good physiological indicators and growth, then who are we to tell you to change? :)

If you are hanging comfortably and jelqing then in a roundabout way you are doing a more strenuous version of the newbie routine. So I don’t think that you really need to change thigs if you are getting gains. Just pay attention to your body and penis and how they respond to your PE and you’ll know if you have to dial back the intensity or duration of amount of PE exercises. I would recommend throwing a few kegels as well.

Oh and I am nervous about clamping so I never even tried and got good gains without it.

Good luck with your routine and report back on how it goes. Welcome to Thunder’s Place!

Well, I think the extender was completely worth it. That’s actually the only thing that got me length gains, but those stopped after 6 months when it got to where I could not wear it as long without ball-ache. I logged 215 hours in 6 months, and on average I was wearing it about 2 hours a day, and rest days about 2 times a week. I actually think my best gains were in the beginning, especially when I would wear it on my normally stressful hour-long drive to work.but it was too much of a hassle to keep doing. I did another hundred hours between October and December, but didn’t see any gains, so I switched to jelqing in January. No length gains, and I think I lost a little flaccid length, but I gained about .2 inches in mid-girth, which I am pretty happy with. I really want to make it to a solid 7 inches BPEL, and 5.5 inches MEG.the girth seems to be on the way, but I can’t get anywhere with the length. I even log my jelqs.15,500 since 12/28/11. 100k will be a milestone!! I wonder if there is a 1,000,000-jelq club!

But the length has stopped for many months.I just want to make sure I am maximizing my will be a while before I can even guess if this routine is helping. But I can say I have more fatigue today than I have felt in a long time.

Keeping a log of your jelqs what a great idea I’m going to do that now.

Thirdleg you’re sayng you’ve gained almost an inch with 215 hours of extender??

Yes. But I think I had really tight ligaments or something. In my earlier years I had a lot of lig popping during sex, and it was painful to push down to 9 o clock and hold it there. I think I maxed out what I can do with the extender. I also take multiple supplements; l-arginine and msm.not sure if they do anything, but every little bit helps. What has your routine been? You’ve made some pretty awesome progress yourself.

Well it’s anyway an amazing goal for 215 hours. You should be a testimonial for your extender company :lol:

I started back from an year of pause.

My routine today is:

Warm up: 10 mins bathmate warm water low pressure
Stretching with kegels: 60 seconds in every direction twice
Jelq: 30 minutes (once a week 40 mins)
Air pumping: 10 mins mid-hi pressure
Warm down: 5 mins rice sock

3 on 1 off (sometimes 4 on 2 off)

Extender 4 hours a day
ADS whenever I get the chance

In my year off I’ve losted almost 1/2 inch. With 40 days of this routine I took it back which is awesome!

I reckon the gains made using the extender were mainly newbie gains, and would have been attained in close correlation if using a relevant manual stretching routine (newbie style). It seems in the beginning any form of stretching, even very light in intensity can reap gains.

Sept 2008: 6.0 X 4.9

Sept 2012: BPEL: 7.125 x 5.125

Nov 2015: Returned, stats unknown.

Probably was newb gains. Today was my second day of hanging.I could almost feel it pulling out what was fatigued yesterday. I’m thinking the weight must be ok turtling, but I can really feel a tug almost to my abs.

Oh, I thought I would add my new tip.I starting jelqing with hand lotion, which was nice but I used tons of it, so I went with the recommended aloe/vitamin e baby oil, but it tugged too much on the sack, so what I have found to be a good combination is getting a good coating of baby oil, and switching over to lotion. Makes for a nice slick combination.

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