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1 week in.

1 week in.

I took some unimpressive photos/measurements, 6” BPEL 5” NBPEL and 4.8 EG. I’ve done some stretching, but mostly jelqing. I am sticking primarily to the newbie routine. I’ll post PICS in a few months if there are any gains made. I’m also going to start running/biking again to lose some pelvic fat. I wonder if lower ab work will help w/the fat also. ALSO I’m a quick ejaculator, are Kegels really the key to combat this malady?

Lower abs would definatly help loose some of the fat in your target areas but make sure you do a lot of cardio as for that will be the main fat reducer

Give me some hope fellas

I know everyone is different, but how long does it take most guys to see gains?

It depends on the guy boomerang. No two gain at the same rate of speed. I can tell you it isn’t going to be in the first few days, a week or two maybe. Depends a great deal on your particular tissue composition (while all tissue on the smallest levels are alike, each person reacts differently) on how soon you will see gains. Patience is a big key here, as is consistency.

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You should see gains within 1-2 months normally. I’d say that could be considered the average time which in most guys START to see gains.

I usually work out quite often, and I am very prone to muscular expansion, my pectorals an biceps almost inflate and stay that way until I stop exercizing for a while. I wanted to know if this principle will apply for any gains I would see after jelqing and hanging.

My problem is I’m 6’ and over 220lbs, I am a monster @ the gym 400+ bench press etc. My standard 6” and turtle while flacid weenie looks quite small on my big frame. I’m hoping my “turtle” effect as I’ve heard you guys call it goes away.

ALSO I just got out of the shower and jelqed for about 15 minutes. When I was done I started to masturbate but instead of ejaculating, I stopped. Want to keep the blood in that bad boy as long as possible. Have any of you guys ever tried that?

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