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1 Month results!

1 Month results!

I’m new at this PE thing, got interested more for ED later in life. Any gains would be a bonus. I must admit I was a little sceptical at first. I’ve begun with a newbie routine, like this!

Week 1&2

5 warm-up
15 min jelq
5 min warm-down

Week 3, 4

5 min warm-up
5 min of edging
20 min of jelqing

Every third day, stretching, 15 min

my beginning stats were Nov, 1, 2004

BPEL 6.75
EG 5.125
FL 4.4
FG 4.7

New Stats as of Dec, 1, 04

BPEL 7.00
EG 5.35
FL ?
FG ?

mY GOALS ARE 8.5X 6.5.

As it is i am starting to hit the back of the wife, in doggy position, never used to hit it that often. Might even feel a little tighter as well!
I am encouraged by a .25 gain in lenght , and a .2 gain in girth, in the first month!
In my hand it does feel thicker, heavyer, my flaccid lenght seems the same.

I will repost results in 3 months, don’t want to get to caught up in measuring.

On a side note, how long should i wait till I can start pumping, at low preasures to start!

I figure these are pretty good newbie gains, makes me feel more confident that 8.5x 6.5 is attainable in 2 years, of hard work!

Thanks for the means and method to grow!

Great news jimspanner!! and welcome aboard!!

Look forward to the 3 month measurments, I’m 1 month away from pulling out the ruler myself!! I’ll let the experienced pumpers ring in, but I’d suggest waiting 10-12 weeks into your program.

nice. i just got my 1st month results the other day.

Well welcome aboard jim. I am an old guy too. Like you I started this for harder erections and ejaculation control.

This stuff does rejuvinate one. When I was a kid I could get up 7” on a good day. When I finally got into this PE I measured 6.25” erect. Now I am back up to 7” again. I haven’t seen any girth yet. My nuts have been hanging very well.

I like my new flaccid lenght of 5”. Recently I started back with swiming at the local indoor pool. I got a couple of double takes in the shower room. “Not bad for an old guy” I thought.

I think I would like to try pumping after 4 months of the newbie routine! Any thoughts, on integrating this in to my current workout!


BPEL 7.6 x 5.4MSEG/ 5.8Base

I just began jelqing a week ago. Honestly I did not believe that much would happen but last night after I had finished the newbie routine I went into the bathroom for a warm washcloth to warm down. WOW! My cock was huge. (This could be partially because I do not remember having a full erection in nearly a month.) I was amazed. Usually I am about 6.75x5.5 give or take. Holy Crap! I was 7.25x5.75. Amazing. I will never miss a jelqing session ever.

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