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1 month into it...


1 month into it...

I feel a difference, but don’t really see one…I never measure because I am just going to do this until I am satisfied…However, I feel it is working.

Question: after my 5 minute wrap and stretch, I am doing about 20-30 minutes of jeqling, wrapping right after, then about 15 - 20 minutes of 5 second Kegls.

Should I go to three days on, on off


two days on, on off and lengthen the amount of jelq time…Thanks in advance.

BTW, I am seeking girth more than length.

If i were you i would certainly measure, otherwise you won’t notice whether or not your routine is working(the same thing with your height). It’s also a good idea not to measure more than once every 2 weeks, otherwise the results you get aren’t really noticable and this lowers motivation. IMO, the best time span between measuring is a month.
If you’re just beginning i would say that you should’nt do more than two days in a row. When you’ll be into your second month of PE you can switch to 3 days on 1 off. Also instead of lengthening the time you jelq it’s a way better idea to increase intensity(just concentrate more on each jelq).
Also i don’t know about you, but i prefer to do kegels when i’m in a car, or whenever i have time when i’m not doing something, that requires a lot of concentration.

Good luck.

Thanks for the advice…I am going into my second month tomorrow. I will measure, and I agree about the intesity of each jelq…

I sometimes have a problem keeping a steady erection when jelqing so I end up stopping to get that 50-70% level of erection back…Is that hurting my routine.


JYD, Hope this helps. I can’t seem seem to stay under 70%. It feels so damned good. Take plenty of Vitamins and suppliments. Do some squats before your sessions to get the blood flowing good. View some stimulating porn while you do your PE. Some of these things might help you stay at 70%. Also drink plenty of water.

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Due to the Holiday’s, I have been doing things like 1 day on, 1 off, days on, one off, three days on, two off, etc…

In the last four days, I have jelqued three times…I noticed today that my erection is not what I have experienced since jelqing…usually it’s been harder and fatter toward the top of the penis…Now, it just is not getting as hard or big as it was a few weeks ago when I first started…Do I need to take a few days off?


Anyone have any suggestions…I’m inclined just to take the next two nights off because I’m a little chaffed as well, but I’d still like to hear some input…Thanks..


Do you sit or stand when you jelq?. I personally find it easier to keep a more consistent erection level while sitting (I don’t know why). When I first started I found it difficult to keep my erection down, but that changed fairly quickly and that’s when I tried sitting while I jelq and that seemed to solve the problem. It can’t hurt to give it a try.

It’s also a common experience to loose slight erection strength when first starting out. Maybe you should just stick with 2 on 1 off for a while untill your dick is fully conditioned. This is just my opinion, and as I’m still a newbie myself you may want to wait for some advice from the vets.


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Originally posted by JYD
Anyone have any suggestions…I'm inclined just to take the next two nights off because I'm a little chaffed as well, but I'd still like to hear some input…Thanks..

Fazle might know.

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Thanks guys…I am going to see my girlfriend in a few days, so I am more concerned about having the harder erection, which she’s always talked about how hard it gets…So, that’s why I am inclined to pretty much let it recover and start back up after our trip…What do you think…I mean, it’s not like one day of Jelquing is going to make a difference, and it’s probably best that I let it recover…Sounds like I am answering my own question, but I would still like to hear from some vets…Thanks for the response you guys.

I’d take the rest to preform my best with the girl friend. Just my 2cents!

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ive been doing pe for 2 weeks, and i have been alot harder after i do a light pe work out the night before… My gf is even calling me the energizer bunny lately.. id go with light workouts .. but then again im more of a newbie then you.

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I think taking the next two days off would be a great idea and then come back with a set program. Take the time you would have spent PE’ing and use it to look through the personal routines sections. Check out what seems to work and not work for others. If ever you are feeling fatigued day after day, then I’d say stopping is a great idea for a while. I took a 3-day break once and couldn’t keep my erections down all day it seemed. It was great.

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Thanks again or all of the replies, you guys…I’ll let you know what happens if anyone is curious…


Just started PEing to but...

I look at it like working out any other part of the body. Any Well-Trained or experienced lifter knows that the body only grows during rest. Working out your muscles or PEing without giving your body a day to rest will inhibit growth and will lead to overtraining. Meaning your tearing down muscles without giving time for them to recover and adapt to the stimulations with easily leads to going backwards, getting smaller and weaker…I’m newer than most here at PEing but thats my training perspective and i’m not new to muscles growth…Good Luck….

Small correction

….Stimulation “Which” Easily….- not “with”

Tried, but , Couldn’t let myself correct myself…

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