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1 month in. no gains.

1 month in. no gains.

Hey all,

So I took my measurements today. It’s been about a month since my last measurement, and unfortunately I saw no gains what-so-ever for length and girth. I’m still stuck on 5.5 BPEL and 5 EG. As a matter of fact, I think I have lost a little on length and girth since the last month.

I’m doing the newbie routine with 5 min wrap, 10 min stretches (1 min left, right, up, down, straight out x 2), 20-odd min of slow wet jelq (20 to 40% erect) and 5 min warm down, 2 days on 1 day off.

I’m really thinking of doing something different.. This is really disappointing since I’ve been putting alot of effort and time into doing this routine and thinking positive. It’s not easy for me to find time to do this since I’m working full time and live with three other ppl. Sometimes I have to start the routine past midnight due to my situation, but I don’t mind as long as I know I’m getting some results. I really want length gains at the very least. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Listen to the man. Everybody if different. Some gain in 2 weeks and gain pretty consistently after that. Other don’t have anything to show after 2 years.

Just enjoy what you are doing. Healthier dick first then size. Remember that.

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Keyword is patience, everyone is different. Some notices gains just a couple of weeks after starting exercising, might take months for others. Also read the newbie routine again now and then to refresh your memory a bit, sometimes you might forget something (I know I do but that could be because I’m stupid :D )

Thanks guys for the responses.. So I guess I should just stick to my current routine?

In my view no newbie should expect gains for three months. Even at that point, if you have a gain you are very lucky.

If you’re coming in for instant results you are in for disappointment generally.

Commit AT LEAST 12 months to PE. At least 3-4 months of which is the newbie routine.

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Originally Posted by omarshari
As a matter of fact, I think I have lost a little on length and girth since the last month.

This may indicate that you’re working it too hard. How sore do you feel after a workout? How is your erection quality on rest days?

If you’re not sore and you’re erections are fine then I would recommend you make your workouts heavier, especially with jelqing. Gradually work up jelqing intensity. 20-40% is probably too light, and won’t give enough expansion.

I’m going to disagree with some of the other posters and say that you should be seeing gains. You’re a newbie, with an unconditioned penis; there is a routine that will give you gains. You have to experiment to find it, though.

Good luck, and please keep us updated.

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I do feel soreness, but the soreness comes in random spurts and lasts for 2-3 seconds.. It’s not a prolonged dull soreness but more of a sudden aching sensation and then nothing.. As for erection quality, it’s ok. I do get morning wood occasionally and if I do get erect, it’s pretty solid..

So I should jelq at around 60% erections? Once I tried to jelq at 80-90% and it was a bit painful and uncomfortable.. I read somewhere that low erection jelqs will be better for length gains and thats why I have been doing them at around 20-40%..

I’m not exactly a newbie since I did PE last year (started around July) and did them for like 2-3 months before quitting.. I suppose I’m not exactly unconditioned but nevertheless, I am quite disappointed I’m going backwards in terms of gains.

Also consider that even though you’re not seeing gains, the conditioning your getting now, and the greater overall penile health will be a huge bonus later. For example, are your erections stronger,or do they last longer? Keep doing the ground-work and I’m betting that the benefits will be awesome. Good luck.

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