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1 month and no gains

1 month and no gains

Hi all,

I’ve been doing the below routine on a 2on, 1off schedule for 1-1.5 month now and I just measured myself and didn’t have any gains. Before this routine, I did some on-and-off PE, for 1 year. In that year I probably only had EQ gains. As I wasn’t able to get hard at all before I did PE (had my first girlfriend just when I started PE hehe, so not being able to get hard was a mental issue mostly I guess).

The routine
Kegels: 5mins, 6-10s kegels
Reverse kegels: 2.5mins 6-10s reverse kegels
Hot rice bag: 5mins
Jelq: 15mins, using C-grip, overhand, and OK grip with constant heat
Hot rice bag: 5mins

I do not have any negative PI indicators I think. My penis feels tired after I jelqed but it’s fine the next day. However I’m not sure I have any positive ones either. Before I did this routine, my EQ was already good (besides the need for constant stimulation to get hard, but when it’s’s rock hard standing up) so I cannot really see that getting better anyway. For the rest.. Sometimes its hanging for full when flacid, but I think it’s because I stopped masturbation so I’m aroused much more often. I’m 25 by the way.

So now.. What should I do? I put in a lot of effort but got no results. I do not feel comfortable going into hanging etc (to each its own, but I would like to just do it manually if possible). However putting in 40mins per day (I.e. 4-5 hours per week) for zero results is not encouraging.

Should I continue this routine even though I’ve had no gains this 1-1.5month? Or should I change something?


Kind regards,

What aspect of gains are you specifically going for; length or girth or possibly both?

I had no gains after 1 month either. I would substitute stretching for all the kegeling instead. 30 second holds all directions, 25 rotations left then same right. About 10 minutes stretching then go into jelqing after. Hot rice 5-10 minutes before stretching.

I’m newbie too, just my opinion.

Just keep at it and switch it up with some stretching and ect. And just remember that anything that is worth having doesn’t come easy and Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Those stretches are definitely good. I was able to get minor gains a couple of wks into it. I did a lot of stretching. Now my EQ went down and my penis was fatigued. Also had minor injuries from clamping, so I can’t say if I still have those minor gains.

It’s too early mate. Perhaps you need more. Give it time.

If you don’t have any gains in another one month, then routine doesn’t work. Change it.

BPEL 7 EG 5.5 NBPEL 6.5 Flaccid length 4.5. Started Jan 2015 at bpel 6.5 nbpel 6.0 and eg 5.2 flaccid length was 3.5

I have reached my goal. At least for now.


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