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1 month and almost 0 result, am I doing something wrong

1 month and almost 0 result, am I doing something wrong

I’ve been on the newvbie routine for just over a month now. I updated my PE stats on here and noticed that I’ve had 0 gain on either flaccid, erect length, and only .25” on girth (flaccid only).
EL at 5” and EG at 4.5”

I wasn’t sure if I was applying enough force on the manual stretches or if I was going to fast on the jelqs (I’ve noticed people saying don’t go above/under 3 sec, so I’ve been unsure about it)
I wasn’t quite sure how hard to be pulling, I know not enough to hurt myself but I was guessing just less than that.

Tried browsing around with search tool and going to way older posts, haven’t found many other with my problem. =/
Hope to see some helpful advice, thanks

If you gain half inch in one year that’s about1 millimeter per month, hardly measurable. Just saying..

Hi mitchpman if your a month in you mite not see gains its only early in PE for you it mite be the next month or one after no one can say. Just keep going if you want to gain you have to be in it for the long run and with the stretching just stretch for longer time if you do 10 min do 20 this month mite help.


I have been PE’ing now for about 3 weeks. I have seen gains in size but mostly due better EQ. I agree with the above post. Perhaps you are not exercising long enough. I am up to about 20 min. A day.

And don’t be too afraid to apply some pressure. My penis is usually a little sore ( on the inside) for an hour or two afterward. Just like your other muscles, if they don’t feel a little tired after your workout, then you need to work a little harder.

I have experienced no injuries or discolorations. I pay attention to penis, it let’s me know when enough is enough.

Stick with it and good luck.

Took me four months before I started to gain.

I happens, just stick with the newbie routine and after three months reevaluate.

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I didn’t even check until I was in it for 3 months,, I gained some , so I will be sticking with it !!!


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