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1 Down a lifetime to go

1 Down a lifetime to go

I have finished 1 week of the newbie routine. I can’t say I am the most motivated but am at a level keel. I want the benefits so I will do the work. Any support would be appreciated and I’ll try to keep you all posted.

I feel the tissues are getting worked and hopefully that translates to results.


Keep it up! :)

Go hard or go home bro! If you’re dedicated, you WILL see results.

Starting Stats (APR '11): BPEL - 7.0" Base EG - 6.1" NBPFL - 4.75"

Current Stats (DEC '14): BPEL - 7.6" Base EG - 6.4" NBPFL - 5.5"

Got my 2 days on in this week so far. Feeling pretty good. I have had a little soreness so I know the tissues are getting worked. I feel like now that there is more stuff in there. When I pinch my penis I can feel more.

I’m sorry to say I’m going to be one of those guys who does not measure, so I don’t know of any growth and because it is so early I doubt there is. But to me taking away the measuring signifies that I want to do it for life and for me and not put emphasis on a certain size that I believe will make me happy.

I’m enjoying my experience so far, and I’m getting erections all the time now, they can come anytime and anywhere, I feel like I’m in early puberty again. So I have had positive PI’s

For those who want to follow this, I plan on hitting on the emotional process I go through. I have all the confidence that I will get bigger over time, but I want to see how this will grow me as a person.


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