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Zoloft effects negative?

Zoloft effects negative?

So I have anxiety so I’ve been taking Zoloft (100 mg.) a day. It actually works, the only problem is that it desensitizes my weiner alot; so much that sometimes I can’t cum at all even after 2 hours of sex. It’s nice to last long but sometimes I just wanna get mine instead of giving her hers all the time (not that that’t a bad thing). I’m sure others on TP take Zoloft and I’m wondering if you have the same issues, or maybe you’ve found a remedy that you can share with me-that would be great!. Last time I had sex in my car for 1 hour, the shower for another half hour, then another half hour in bed later…and I’m talking regular, anal, and oral. I’m hoping for some answers.

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I’ve taken Zoloft before and experienced the same effects as you. I don’t know how long you have been on it, but for me, those effects were only temporary. I got about 5 months of Superman stamina in the sack, then it was back to normal.

Now, as far as helping me with my depression. That would be a big negative (except for making me last longer for sex….that made me happy). Zoloft made me so incredibly sleepy, that it was almost impossible to function. I hope you fare better than I did in that department.

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Zoloft’s main ingredient is an SSRI, which as many posts in this forum have said before, can affect the time it takes for me to achieve orgasm. It is not so much desensitising the wiener as not being able to come.
Problem might come from 2 sources: either it is the beginning of the treatment and this effect might go away once your brain adapts to it, or it might be too big of a dose. Depending on the time you are under the treatment you might want to wait a bit and give yourself a chance to adapt, or talk to your doctor about changing the medicine because of this side effect. There are alternatives to zoloft with less side effects, and as always with psychiatry, you can never know in advance.

Good luck

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L-methylfolate has popped up as an SSRI augmenter in the last 18 months or so all over the net and mental health boards. In short, it seems to make less ineffective medication now work. Possibly, it may enable you to lower your dosage, if certain side-effects are present at a certain higher dosage. it seems to give wiggle room or slack for SSRIs and other drugs to work and not get bottle necked.

L Methylfolate - (Deplin, Cerefolin, or Cerefolin NAC) - these contain a form of folic acid that gets into the brain cells. Deplin was recently approved by the FDA as an add-on treatment for depression. Cerefolin also contains B12 and Cerefolin NAC has a third ingredient that increases glutathione (a powerful brain cell antioxidant). These medications not only can improve mood, but improve cognition and energy. Caution: taking Deplin if your B12 level is low can be harmful. It is safer to either check your B12 levels or take Cerefolin.,Cerefolin

Deplin is a food drug, since it was made by drug companies, you need to get a script for it. It is very hard to get a hold of online. I take it and I have insurance which pays half the cost, so it is like 22 bucks a month for me.

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Hey kc, how are things going with you and the Zoloft? Are you still a marathon man in bed, or have things started to calm downn yet? Also, I was wanting to know if you experienced the constant sleepiness as I did, while I was on Zoloft? I found that part to be extremely debilitating.

How are you naab. Well, I’ve actually been kind of “un”-religious (if you will) about taking my zoloft-I’ll go like 1 week on, 1 week off. but I have gone 1 month on it and I always notice the marathon-man in bed. (to tell you the truth, it’s starting to be a downfall rather than a good thing because I can’t get off while having sex). Also, yes I have noticed the constant sleepiness—I always try to counteract it with coffee at work because it puts me in a drive where I don’t want to work and put in the hours.

Have you noticed the effects of lasting too long in bed wear off after a while of taking zoloft—-*oh by the way, I take 100mg. daily*—-and if you have, how long does it take to take effect?

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Good luck with trying to counteract the sleepiness with coffee, because it didn’t work for me. That is if you take it faithfully like I did. It(sleepiness) was starting to ruin your life so I had to quit taking it.

The sexual side affect was different, because where the sleepiness lasted until I got off the meds. The inability to cum only lasted 4-5 months. Then I was back to normal. It was fun for the first month or so, but after a while my wife and I started to become frustrated. I wanted to get off, and she wanted the satisfaction of getting me off. So you are right, it can start to become a drag (Unless you’re single and banging different women every night. You would become the stuff of legend).

However, if you think that Zoloft is helping you with your depression, ask your doctor to lower your dosage. That might alleviate some of the side affects. If not, I’m sure there are other drugs you can try that might help without the negative issues. Checkout some of twatteasers post. I’ve read a lot of his posts, and he has some interesting things you might want to try.

Originally Posted by kcsuper
So I have anxiety so I’ve been taking Zoloft (100 mg.) a day. It actually works, the only problem is that it desensitizes my weiner alot; so much that sometimes I can’t cum at all even after 2 hours of sex.

I had an identical experience. Normally I would take it slow and go easy to avoid premature orgasm. With Zoloft I discovered I had to go at her as hard as possible from the beginning to have any chance of reaching orgasm. Even then it would still take about a half hour. BTW, the first time I had sex I was on Zoloft. Zoloft is so good at stopping premature ejaculation that the girl said she didn’t believe I was a virgin and asked “are you done yet” after about an hour went by. Apparently she was starting to get raw.

I gave up Zoloft due to the side effects. I am back to my normal self suffering from premature ejaculation. I think I will try topical numbing creams next.

Exactly Peter Mac…Lately I’ve been taking maybe 1 a day for 3 days then I’ll stop for almost a week (problem is I’m running out and I don’t have a doc. right now for refills!). This method is good for me because I’m a pre-ejaculator, somewhat, without it—hehe, yesterday I had sex with this girl and accidentally<really> busted inside her. Also, after taking a zoloft when I haven’t taken it for 3 days gives me a nice stomach ache for a few hours. It must be funny what the girl must be thinking ‘cause sometimes I’m a 5 minute man and sometimes I’m a 3 hour man.

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Zoloft’s ability to treat premature ejaculation is remarkable in my view, but to me it’s just not worth all the side effects!

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