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Zoloft and hard-ons!?

Zoloft and hard-ons!?

Hey there Gents

I’ve recently started a course on Zoloft in an attempt to passify my mind gremlins, who have been causing a tremendous amount of shit lately. Problem is, my cock keeps on shrivelling up, and feels weak and pathethic to the touch. Now I realise that Zoloft causes serious sexual dysfunction, but even after a hard jelquing session, my johnson keeps crawling into a ball and hiding away from further abuse. I drink plenty of water every day, I emply a 5 on 2 off schedule (giving my dick sufficient rest on the weekends).

Before Zoloft, my cock used to feel pumped after a heavy session of jelquing, but this has changed. Perhaps my meatstick has become conditioned to all the jeqluing? If so, what to do? Could arginine be the answer?

Hi Baracus,

SSRI’s have a tendency to do that. I would suggest you ask your doctor about Wellbutrin (generic name is bupropion). It’s not an SSRI and has absolutely no negative side effects. In fact, is has some positive side effects. I’ve noticed that my orgasms feel way more intense then they did before I started taking it. I did a google search to find out some more info and this is a reported side effect for many. My penis also feels a bit more sensitive in erect and flaccid states. It’s also very good at calming those mind gremlins!

Best of luck!

You should also look in to Lexapro. I’ve been on Celexa, Paxil, Zoloft, Wellbutrin and now Lexapro.

I get good erections and my libido is good. I would never recommend the first two meds on the list because they drove me to near impotence.

Generally ssri’s give some form of ED but this hasnt been the case with Lexapro.

I cant really comment on wellbutrin because I had to stop it up short because of headaches.

Theres plenty of meds out there you just gotta experiment on them.


“Your mileage may vary” seem to be the correct phrase here. I was on both Celexa and Lexapro and both made me completely non-orgasmic, erect but never an orgasm. I thought it was good until “IT” never happened, we both finally got tired and sore but I never came to orgasm, not even feeling close. My depression got worse after that episode. Wellbutrin does not have that effect on me and seems to work better on my depression too.

Just a side note….. Wellburtrin and Zyban are the same thing, just different names. Zyban is marketed towards getting people off cigarettes. If you smoke, this would be a plus too. It’s helped me kick the habit.


Appreciate the responses- thanks!

First of all, I’m kind’ve “locked in” to zoloft for now, as it seems that this med is one of the better solutions to my particular problem (has a high success rate for SAD). So although there are good intentions behind reccommending lexapro (which I hear is the in-thing these days) and wellbutrin (which I believe isn’t successful in treatment of my shit), I have to stick it out for the next week with zoloft.

What to do you blokes think of these male libido enhancers (arginine, etc.)? Do you think could counter the effects zoloft, so that woodie and ejaculation come to the party?


Viagra will definately help with ED due to SSRI’s.
I went to my medical doctor and bam got a prescription for it and have never had to think about not getting it up again.


I also noticed if you stay at 100mg or 50mg a day of Zoloft the risk of ED is significantly lower.


Perhaps you can try supplementing your drug with exercise and over the counter products like Omega 3 Fish Oil caplets. Omegas work well with specific types of depression and anxiety, plus help in many other ways. Some people say take vitamin E along with it, but that is up to you. Try eating other foods high in the assistance of serotonin. I have an article in the past two weeks some where on it. Hopefully I can find it for you.

“You see, I don’t want to do good things, I want to do great things.” ~Alexander Joseph Luthor

I know Lewd Ferrigno personally.

“You see, I don’t want to do good things, I want to do great things.” ~Alexander Joseph Luthor

I know Lewd Ferrigno personally.


I hear you- I’m currently on a low dosage (1/2 pill)- maybe in the longer term when I increase the dosage, things will start looking up (excuse the awful pun).

As for viagra: maybe later…


Yeah, every health guru is jumping up and down about that omega 3 fish oil stuff, and I personally have nothing against it! As far as dieting goes, well, I tried it for a period before discovering the advantageous quick-fix route of wonder-drugs. Seratonin dieting WORKS, but it takes far too much discipline, which I only have in the PEing department.

Thanks for the article- informative!

No problem, I have taken Omega 3s for the past four years. They act as an anti-ulcerative for my shot intestines. I learned it had a shit load of other benefits along with it. I take 6,000 mg a day for the past 4 years. It helped cit down my need by half of other medicines each day if taken 12 hours opposite it.

I would be extremely careful if you start taking 5-HTP which is OTC in the US with any SSRIs. Not that it cannot ever be done, just have to play it safe and slow as possible. I took it and I got so frigging sleepy.

“You see, I don’t want to do good things, I want to do great things.” ~Alexander Joseph Luthor

I know Lewd Ferrigno personally.


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