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zit like things

zit like things

Had one on my shaft, it looked a lot like a zit but wouldn’t pop. Later I noticed on one my scrotum, right near the base of my dick. That did pop, no white pus, just a little blood that looked like it mixed with some clear fluid. Neither hurt or itched at all. I don’t have any discharges or anything else. I’ve been clamping so that may explain the one on my scrotum, I think others guys have had that. The one on my shaft may be nothing, I’ve read that small bumps like that are common and benign. I’m wondering if it’s an std, which is possible. I’ve read up online and if so, it seems most likely to be syphilis or herpes. I’m thinking of having a blood test at the nearest planned parenthood. Does anyone know if something that looks a whole lot like a zit like I have could be an std? Also, once in a while I get kind of a dull ache under my skin at the base of my dick. There’s no pain at all and is barely noticable, but I’ve been jelqing and clamping so again it may be nothing.

I’m thinking you are a little paranoid. Stick with your last thought. It’s probably nothing.

Some STD’s can have serious long term effects.

Chances are the “zit” like things are nothing more than hair bumps. However, if you feel the need to get tested (because you have practiced unsafe sex) go for it. Peace of mind is worth a lot.

sunny A day without sunshine is like a day without laughter :sun:

It was a pimple. :)

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