Working your balls

For some time I’ve made it habit to massage my balls for a few seconds, usually before getting out of bed. I think I got the idea from “The Book of Internal Exercises,” which I no longer have.

When I saw the “Well-known Traditional Qigong in China” youtube video (, I tried the ‘tubes’ massage (2:05) and then hanging weight with a cloth (3:51), a subject for a different forum.

Using an inverted-OK ‘jelq’ grip around base of shaft and scrotum, and then gently rotating your hand slightly or moving side to side to mimic the swinging weight, you can do the same thing without the bother of the cloth.

What amazes me is this feels REALLY good, stimulating the whole perineum.

Have you tried this? Will you try this, and give me your feedback?

• Does it feel healthy/energizing to you?
• Do your balls feel bigger and firmer afterward?
• Any other observations?