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Wondering if I have Low T

Wondering if I have Low T

After reading a few threads here lately I got to thinking about myself. For any who remember I spoke about depression and then went on pills a couple of years back which I’m still on. They did help in some ways, such as not constantly being negative about everything. But my fatigue and needing tons of sleep, up to 12 hours to feel decent is still there. People suggested low T in that thread and thyroid and other things, but I didn’t feel a need to check it out simply because I felt I’ll let the pills take care of my mood and hopefully others will fall into place. One thing at a time, you know. It didn’t and I still find it impossible to motivate myself to do barely anything. But I really would like to feel 100% and enjoy life more.

Other symptoms I have is finding it difficult to get a 10/10 erection, my glans never inflate so I often hold the base whilst masturbating for better effect. I very rarely get morning wood, never random erections. Then this gyno thing where the nipples are puffy and the area is quite big.

I never thought anything of it before but I remember lying in bed with a girlfriend, she commented and said ever so innocently ”Your boobs are bigger than mine hhahaa”. Of course they weren’t, hers were pretty small, like a B cup but yeah she was joking and laughed too and thought nothing of it. But I have a mental image looking down and my chest did look a bit boob like. I just thought this may be due to putting on a few extra pounds over the years. When I was younger I think I had really high T, tons of energy, hardons all the time. When I was like 15 I was about 5’10 and weighed 9 stone and even less at times. I burned fat crazily fast even when being lazy and not doing anything. Now I’m 23, same height and weight 11 stone. I figured my metabolism had reduced and had put on a bit of weight, (still it’s within an average range and I’m not exactly fat). I just assumed the bigger chest area came along with it. It’s not substantial but I can notice at my young age and considering all the other things it might be low T.

I guess I’m just writing this to get my own thoughts together and have a few people tell me to do what I already know I should. ”Go to the doctor and get it checked out”. But ugh I hate doctors, I’d rather skip that and try some natural dietary things to help naturally elevate it. Like in this thread:

Old PE vet finally reached my 8 year old goal by accident

The guy said he ate brazil nuts and fermented cod liver oil which greatly increased his sex drive/testosterone levels. I think that’s probably worth a try right?

I am waiting for my test(ha ha) results.

I don’t think I have low T because my strength and sex drive are good, but I’m alot older than you, so I’m a bit nervous.Anything less than 600 and I’m bummed.

I think you should talk to your doctor and see if you can get a good evaluation. Without lab data, I’m guessing it would be pretty hard to figure out whether mood, energy and other depression-like symptoms are caused by primary depression or by low T. Since many anti-depressants adversely effect EQ and sexual performance, it might also be difficult without hard lab data to figure out whether EQ issues are a side effect of meds, a symptom of low T or a by-product of depression.

Given your gyno situation, I think it would be especially important to get as comprehensive a hormonal profile as possible. If your gyno were indicative of elevated estradiol levels, I think the excess estradiol can block T receptors or even lead to a downregulation of the number of T receptors, which could leave you with all the problems of low T even if you had normal T levels circulating in your body. Conceivably, you might need to inhibit estrogen in lieu of or in addition to boosting T.

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