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Women's reactions from entering cds and also from hitting bottom.

Women's reactions from entering cds and also from hitting bottom.

I say cds bottom just in case someone might think of the cervix as bottom.

One of the benefits I’m wanting from PE is to be able to go past the cervix and into the cds with just about any woman even if I can’t hit bottom. Of course I also want to be able to reach bottom with just about any woman if possible but I’m just taking it one step at a time.

I’m curious as to specifically what I’m missing out on and can look forward to.
When I was 6 1/4 bpel(I’m at about 7 1/4 bpel) I did enter a woman’s cds a bit I think. She wasn’t as deep as most women are I believe. She had been quietly riding me for a brief time, when I suddenly felt like I entered something(I’m talking as the wonderment seemed to me at that time because I knew little of the cervix and had never heard of the cds). At this same moment she obviously felt something too because she gasped and went bezerk and started humping wildly. She was no longer quiet—-she went “uhghh,uhghh,uhghh” as she humped wildly.

Unfortunately, this feeling I felt was gone after a few seconds and so was it for her because she calmed right back down. It seems, perhaps, that she expanded more when she got excited and then the cds was out of my reach.

Having seen what entering a cds can do to a woman,I’m curious if that is a typical reaction and/or what are the various reactions I could expect from different women?

I would also like to know how many women orgasm from cds and if the orgasms are different from g spot and clitoris?

To the guys that are able to go all the way to the bottom——Do the womens’reactions and orgasms differ more when getting their bottoms hit?

I can hit what must be the cervix in my gf when I have a decent hard on. Then with a little pressure it ‘gives way’ and that must be the cds. She loves it.

I’m about 7 1/4” BPEL I think, not measured for a while.

This is a very interesting discussion.why wasn’t it answered?

I should be answered by anna nimity and rita. Maybe also Bibs wife to get the ladies point of view. I think how it may differ from a clit orgasm is that a girl can always stop herself from cumming mentally from a clit orgasm. NOT so from G-spot orgasm and very possible (but only inferred by theory) not so from the CDS orgasm.

Thats why we need female input.


A long, long time ago, when making love to my wife, if she laid there real still and relaxed, we would feel this clunk or popp action when pushing all the way in. She said it felt good. It only happened periodically. Could this have been entering what you guys are calling the fornix or cds or whatever the fuck you call that thang?

Is the fornix anything like the Nexus in Star Trek??? Heh heh

I must note one thing.. I can hurt my girl by getting to far in… But she won’t react to crevix pouch of douglas or cds or anything like that… But on the other hand she reacts hugely to a hard G-spot stimulation.

I started this thread before 2004. Back then I thought the cds was located inside the vagina. I believe many still think it is.

Look at the definition link in one post and the diagram in another post in this other thread:
What length does it take, on average, to fully stimulate the CDS?

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So what are you saying? You have a better way to get there than through the Vagina?

I’m saying I believe many think the cds is located inside the vagina. In the thread I linked to, I asked if the cds is more or less stimulating than the fornix and I was obviously speaking about going through the vagina since I mentioned length in the comparison.

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