Wired up for a shocking time

Hello lads, have any of you tried to practice electrosex, there is a club at Yahoo where you can find out about this form of male excitement. The way this works is a electrode is placed in the top of the Dick and another is placed in the anus. both are connected to an electrical control box. This box allows the user to set the levels of electrical voltage and current required to provide sexual stimulation. From what I have read on the subject, most guy’s wank for a couple hours or get their girlfriends or man friends to give them a wank. Then when they are about to shoot a load they or someone else press the control buttons that generates a small voltage and slight current into there body, apparently they shoot a big load and enjoy the feeling of being shocked into cumming.

Now before you guy’s stick your prick into the light socket, make sure that you understand the principal and read more information on this subject. There several good pictures at the Yahoo site that will provide a deeper insight into the subject.