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Why the C.D.S. causes instant orgasms

Why the C.D.S. causes instant orgasms

I have heard alot of people say that if you hit the C.D.S. at the right time, it causes their partner to have an instant orgasm. I have been wondering why this might be. The only thing I can think of is the natural selection theory. Since women are somewhat more fertile during orgasm, Perhaps a womans body is ‘programed’ to have an orgasm if their partner’s dick is a certain length. And of course the male would orgasm on sight of the female doing so (unless your trying not to).

This of course being because if they become pregnant, by the partner with a longer sexual organ, the potential son would have a member inherited, that would better equip him for survival of the family or race.

Maybe there is another reason, but this has been bothering me for a while..


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I don’t know, but it sure is a site to behold, and usually makes me cum right away… I’m working on that. My ultimate goal is to give my wife an hour long orgasm :)

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Way to go RB. Keep your options open thought, as far as an ultimate goal goes. Trust me on this one: Once you can do an hour, you will start thinking along the lines of 2 hours in the morning, taking a break for lunch…

Having an orgasm for an extended period like that dose some interesting things to the nervous system and brain/body chemistry. She will probably stay “wired” for a good 8 hours to a day; sensitized, euphoric, horny, amped up creativity, mental clarity,etc. Very common for a woman to stay very lubricated and not get sore for hours and hours under those conditions. So once you can give her an hour long orgasm, you can realistically aim for going all day.

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Originally posted by iamaru
So once you can give her an hour long orgasm, you can realistically aim for going all day.

Are you kidding me? I don’t even think superman could pull it off… Or DLD for that matter.

Going for 9

No kidding. Check out male multiple orgasms, the hour long orgasm, kama sutra, tantra, etc on line. This is the old Tantra thread, it is a very basic how to intro for hour long plus orgasms.

<And of course the male would orgasm on sight of the female doing so >
From my perspective, this shows that you have exactly the right kind of attitude to do this. My partners enjoyment is the biggest turn on to me. As long as my partner is all turned on and into it I will stay turned on and hard indefinitely.
Only tricky part for me is that I am borderline hypoglycemic so if I don’t eat every 4 hours my performance will suffer. For long sessions I just keep a jar of meal replasement drink on the nightstand.

I have a complete kit of toothbrush, condoms, astroglide, food-bars, under-ware, etc in my car at all times just in case.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

Wow. Ok, I’ll keep my options open :)

iamru, have you taken any specific steps to last all day? Are you multi-orgasmic?

Originally posted by RB

iamru, have you taken any specific steps to last all day? Are you multi-orgasmic?

I am multi, and started Tantra at about 13, so thought that lasting indeffinately was normal (no quickies to compare to).

Running a Massive Co-Front.

Any specific way you became multi? Lots of pc work and timing? What’s your secret? How bout laying out a how to tutorial that can become a sticky in the sexual health forum?

I’ve seen the light from this, and as soon as I meet my penile goals, this becomes my number one priority. I just don’t have enough time to devote to both goals right now, but I do have a plan :)

Well RB, you know my routine from the other place. One of the biggest keys to having marathon sex, is pacing. I pride myself in being able (my girl too) to make sex last as long as we want.

No one can go like a jackhammer for hours on end. What i love doing is constantly changing the pace. Go like a jack rabbit til one of you almost cums, then stop, slow down, or play for a while. Sometimes when i am getting out of breath, i will put her on top and let her drive for a while.

We can easily go for 2-4 hours, sometimes more. We make the fun fit the time that we have. As far as being multi-orgasmic, we are not. The way we do it, when we finally do cum, it’s so hard that you can’t do anything for a while. Sometimes i can tell my cummer gets so pumped up that the urgency to cum is too great. That’s when i build up dangerously close, pull out, do a reverse kegel, and let a nice long stream of cum pour all over her pussy. Then i go right back at it, fully hard and still horny.

Now before any of you go and blow out your butterfly valves, know that it takes some practice to be able to do this. It’s quite easy to go too far, and spill your entire load, go soft, and have to backup and regroup.

My girl and I normally will only cum completely a couple of times on one of these marathon sessions, but i’m not sure that either of us could cum again without hurting something.

Some of the guys, RB?, have learned how to do a regular kegel and squeeze their cum from flowing, and keep right on going. I have not been able to master this technique. When i try it, i just cum harder.


Oh, and the CDS? Well that’s just another piece of heaven. When you contact it properly, it is a source of the biggest, most satisfying orgasm that a woman can have. My experience is that clitoral orgasms are good, but easier to have, and not quite as satisfying and having deep penetration.

I can do my girl orally until she cums, but she always says that she has to have something inside her. She always needs to cum vaginally afterwards.

Hi merlin I remember you from the other board.

Did you read the thread about lasting longer in the sex health forum, I basically ranted on until someone explained how to do it (to shut me up most likely!). It was avocet8 who told how to to do the PC thing. I cant do it either because my PC is too weak after using it for PE, but the thread is good reading anyway.


Speaking of long lasting sex, when I first had sex (as with most guys, i suspect) I only lasted maybe a minute at most. since then i worked to extend the time, The best thing I could do is clean the pipes before sex, like in the shower or something. Forcing my body to last longer, Eventually i was able to go about 15-20 minutes without any pre conditioning.

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