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Who had hernia?

Who had hernia?

Hi guys

I’m looking for someone who has experience with hernia that have gone through with his own problems like I has got.

I has my testicles swelling on both side that is not making me more comfortable when I’m doing normal things and I have also suffering with erectile dysfunction. I’m wonder that does hernia cause the testicles on both side to get swelling and also does it cause ED?

I’m interested to hear that if you have got it solved through surgery to get it back to normal?

I’m still waiting to see the urologist to get my problem sort it out.:(

Does anyone had the similar problem of what I have got?


Did you get to see the urologist and resolve this issue?

I’ve had two inguinal hernias and surgeries. One when I was in middle school. It was a pretty abrupt rupture and the surgery was a complete reconstruction - the only option at the time. Years later (early 40s) the other side began to bulge. It got to the point where I couldn’t laugh or cough without holding it in. That’s when I went to the doc. This time it was laparoscopic and they inserted a mesh for repair. A couple days after the repair my left nut was swollen and tender. The doc prescribed an antibiotic, telling me it’s a common mild infection after this procedure if you don’t support your nuts. I converted to tighty-whities for a month until I felt 100 %. Been free-balling ever since.

For a few years after I could feel the mesh during certain exercises - extreme reach/bend when rock climbing, and getting low in the drops on my road bike. But I no longer feel it at all.

Good post MushroomHook. It sounds like the more recent mesh repair has been a success as you seem to lead an active life. Did you do any PE after the mesh repair, and if so, how long did you abstain?

I don’t recall if I was doing PE back then, but I certainly do now. :) I did notice some lig strain during squats/leg-press which I believe was related to where the mesh was attached. Just do what is comfortable and build back up slowly. But remember, this is for inguinal hernia repair. There are loads of other types which will no doubt have different levels of invasiveness and down time. Friend of my had a hernia in is taint. That makes my balls her just thinking about it. I told him it was his mangina finally coming out to play. :)

My hernia was also Inguinal; so many thanks for your feedback.

Where is ‘taint’? Maybe a spelling error?

Thank again.

Originally Posted by irishjim
Did you get to see the urologist and resolve this issue?

Hey, yes I did but she wasn’t being helpful. She said that I don’t have hernia when I had an operation to removed the foreskin. I had a camera to put in my urine when I had operation but they didn’t find anything. I still suffered with erectile dysfunction, my scrotum sack still get lift up to swell that make my penis to get pull back like a small cock and I get a cold reaction to my glans when I go to toilet. I also get my scrotum sack to swell when I do in normal things like doing exercises, go out for run, play football, fix cars.etc.

I guess that I must have been suffered with a poor circulation?

I’m going to see a different urology (not general one) who have experience with erectile dysfunction so hopefully he will be able to help to get the problem to sort it out.

Not sure what the official medial term would be, but I know the area between the nut sack and your anus as the taint.

Originally Posted by MushroomHook
Not sure what the official medial term would be, but I know the area between the nut sack and your anus as the taint.

OK thanks.

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