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White Rash

White Rash

So I’ve had this area toward the left side of the shaft where there’s like a circle of whitish, wrinkled skin. I’ve noticed this months ago but thought that it would only be chafing, as when I masturbate I do so quite rigorously which usually leads to chafing.

However, this “thing” hasn’t gone away still. Now there’s the whitish circle on the left side, but if I stretch my penis, there are many areas that appear white and the skin looks to be very dry. This has never happened before the past few months. I have taken an STD test and came up negative from syphilis, AIDS, HIV, and chlamydia.

So I’m thinking that it’s possible that it could either be a yeast infection or chafing. I just bought some organic lotion, so I’ll be using that for the next week. I haven’t masturbated for over a week now and it’s still present.

I used to moisturize my penis with olive oil, and this never happened. However, this year I have been experimenting with escorts (used protection for all), and got a blowjob from a chick earlier in the year. I did get 2 BBBJs from escorts last year. I don’t have health insurance, so the only place I can go is to the clinic or to the internet.

Would you be worried if this happened to you? Has anyone experienced anything like this before?

You said you got tested for STD/STI’s . I doubt the ones you mentioned would cause what you describe. And forget about HIV/Aids altogether. As far as STD’s go, I would think warts (HPV) or moluscum, which you don’t hear much about these days but it’s still out there. Now before you go jump off a building lets back up here a minute.

NO ONE KNOWS WHAT YOU HAVE if anything. <<< And there you will find your solution. You need to be properly checked out by a doctor familiar with STD’s for a proper diagnosis. Which also makes me ask; if you were checked for the other stuff didn’t they check what you were actually concerned about? Or did you not have the problem at the time you were tested?

You can get into see a doctor usually for $100 - $150 cash. Some will even charge less. The free clinics run by the health department can also be a big help.

I’m sure others will chime in shortly but the bottom line is; if it was my dick I’d be getting it looked at. You had this for “months”?

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Does it look like any of these pics?


Try an over the counter anti-fungal. And go back to using olive oil or coconut oil regularly, both have anti-fungal properties.

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Actually this began to arise after I got my test results.

It does look a little bit like those pictures, except it’s white rather than red. I will begin to use olive oil again and arrange to go to the clinic.

Thanks for the swift responses. Yesterday I’ve been using that organic lotion and it looks a lot better this morning. Please anyone else continue to chime in.


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