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Which testicle is upper


I was wondering if anyone knows a way you get your nuts to hang lower. To be honest, I want my nuts to be able to swing a little back and forth when I walk and as it is they kinda stay put like a fat guy on the couch with a bag of potato chips watching the food network.

There is an anatomical reason for why one testis hangs lower than the other (or should). The vein that drains the right testis fuses with other veins and ultimately attaches directly to the inferior vena cava, the largest vein leading to the heart. It must turn at an angle to make this attachment. The vein draining the left testis ultimately attaches to the left renal vein, it runs horizontally connecting the kidney to the vena cava. The left vein does not need to take the bend so it tends to be longer and this why it is the left testis that hangs lower. Why it doesn’t in everyone is because something other than the vein is pulling the left testis up in some men (in other words, it is a normal variant).

This must be the funniest thread I have ever read here!

I would have to say that pudendum’s suggestion sounds quite convincing, however, I have read something that sounds much simpler and also quite reasonable. Men dress to the left or the right, meaning the direction they lay their penis. Most men who dress to the left, which is most common due to the way men’s pants zippers open, have a lower hanging left testicle and higher right testicle. The lower hanging left testicle allows room for a left laying penis. I would suggest this develops from childhood depending on which way you have most often chosen to lay your penis when you dress.

By the way, my left testicle is lower and I dress to the left, doesn’t feel like there’s enough room if I dress to the right.

You may laugh but it is true. Pull out your Grey’s Anatomy or Netter’s Anatomy Series, volume on the Urogenital System. You will be enlightened.

My right one’s lower. Right handed, but left side dominant (as in that’s the first foot I step forward with if I fall, drive with that hand, etc)

Right-handed, right nut lowest, left-eye dominant. I don’t dress right or left—just shove it in my underwear and go.

Originally Posted by drilla9
Both ways are normal, evolution hitches one above the other so they don’t collide like clackers.

I have never thought of this before, but it makes perfect sense.

Wow, the things you learn on a penis enlargement site.

Originally Posted by gprent
I am left handed and my right one is higher. Time to start the poll. :) (Or do we have one already?)


Originally Posted by gprent

I am left handed and my right one is higher. Time to start the poll. :) (Or do we have one already?)

I’m a leftie, and the left one is usually higher.

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Right handed and my right testicle is the always higher than my left.

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While you guys continue to post right or left handedness vs. Right or left “droopdness”, which I think is a great survey that someone should record, It is important to know right up front that the reason for genital asymmetry in either direction is unclear. The anatomical explanation I described in an earlier post has been evoked by anatomists, but the fact that not everyone has a left droop, this explanation is not air tight. The right testicle tends to be bigger and heavier than the left, so since the majority of men are “left-testicled”, gravity does not seem to be the cause. Testicular asymmetry is common among many other mammals. Many embryologists believe that since the left side of the body develops faster than the right, the left testicle gets there faster and lower. Again this is only a theory and has not been proven. I’ve been digging through the medical and amazingly enough the art literature on which testicle hangs lower. Interesting reading: In 1960, Chang et al. (In Journal of Anatomy) found in 486 subjects shows 10.5% had equal hang, 62 1 % the left was lower and 27.4% the right was lower. They also found that in 64.7% right-handed men had a left-sided “bag sag” and nearly the reverse in left-handed men where 64.7% had right-sided droop. They concluded testicular sidedness was determined by handedness. It must be noted that only 40 of their subjects were left handed, so their population was skewed. In 1997, Bogaert (in Human Reproduction) found that most males in a study of 6544 participants had a lower left testicle no matter which hand was dominant. He suggests that differences in racial/ethnic populations and the total number of left-handed subject (> 500) explains the differences between his study and Chang’s - his study was in white Americans (US and Canada) and Chang’s study was in Chinese men. Bogaert goes on to review some suggestions that testicular sidedness, specifically size may relate to cognitive skills: for example men with a larger right testicle were found to perform better on certain spatial tasks than men with a larger left testicle. (Wait a minute, I always thought the “big” head was smarter than the “little” head - Wow, imagine that the size of your balls can determine your cognitive intelligence. Who knew.) In a paper that shows that art maybe more accurate than science, in 2002, McManus published part of his 1979 PhD dissertation in the journal “Laterality” describing his study of Greek male statues looking at which testicle hung lower. In 187 sculptures, 27.3% were equal, 21.9% had right sided droop and the rest (50.8%) had a lower left testicle. What is interesting is that when he classified these sculptures into 3 historical periods, he found that the great majority of the latest sculptures had a sagging left testis with a larger right one. He believes this reflects the greater insight of the later sculptors to the realities of the the human anatomy. So the marble guys had a lower left marble bag. Chisel that guys.

After all this reading, I don’t have any better understanding why one testicle is lower than another and neither does anyone else. If your interested in pdf’s of any of these papers (and others), I can email them to you on request. You too can be enthralled.

For the record, I am left-handed. My left testicle hangs lower and my right one is bigger, if your interested.


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