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Which multivitamin do you use?

I’ve tried Animal Pak in the past and noticed that it gave me absolutely glowing piss, I think due to the extreme amounts of B vitamins. Now I just use GNC MegaMen Sport. They work really well for me.

I use NSI Once Daily Verson 3.

Great multivitamin. No synthetic crap, and nohing more than the recommended daily dosages.

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Can you give links to studies that show multi vitamins like Animal Pak(Animal Pak specifically would be best) are bad for you. That is what I was taking and I still have about 55 more paks…I was just about to start again tomorrow. How do you find out if you are deficient in something? Any good website that tells you every single pill/vitamin thing that you can put in your mouth and what it does for you? That would be wonderful.


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