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Where to test for allergies and deficiencies

Where to test for allergies and deficiencies

Another thread inspired by what I have just read about Gaba.

Does anyone know of a reliable test, and where I can get it, that tests for deficiencies and allergies, such as supplements resolve? Is there such a test?

A dietitian perhaps? An allergist?


Well I’d go to a dermatologist for this.. _IF_ I was going at all.
Looking back at my own experiences with allergy tests I wouldn’t do those if I had known what I do now.

In other words: I went to a dermatologist because of a small spot of semi-chronic skin irritation on one of my cheek’s.. and got a full load of allergies triggered by the allergy “tests”.
Nowadays I am reacting officially allergic to 14 substances (where it only was 2 or 3 _before_ those tests).

Good luck on your quest.



Do you have a known allergy that causes you problems? If so then a visit to your Doc could have him sending you to Hospital for an allergy test.

They do this by putting various substances on your forearm and then seeing if something flares up. If so you have an allergy to it.

But whether you can get one done just because you would like to have it done at hospital is probably a non-starter.

So if you want to pay for it then have a look in Yellow pages under allergies, you will find references to clinics, homeopaths, herbalists, nutritionists, and various other ‘ists



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