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Where are the less sensitive condoms?

Where are the less sensitive condoms?

You see all this stuff about ultra thin, super sensitive condoms, why hasn’t anyone ever made a slightly thicker condom for guys who want to last a bit longer. I know there are plenty of guys out there who would love to go crazy every once and awhile and go at it for as long as their dicks hold up. I know guys can be selfish and only want pleasure for themselves sometimes, but I’m just kind of suprised something like that isnt out there yet, what do you guys think? A condom that would make you last longer doesn’t sound like that bad of an idea does it?

Go here: and select by type. You should be able to find something to help you. If all else fails, just wear 2.

No its not that big of a deal, I was just suprised that nobody makes them (or at least what I can tell), and it just seeems really simple.

Why don’t you use an ‘Extra Safe’ condom, I swear mate, it’s like having a Marigold glove on your dick

Never wear 2 condoms. The potential for tear goes way up.

Hmm thanks for the trp crabapple. I read up on them and supposedly they smell really bad and they are heavily lubricated, but I couldn’t find anything saying that they were designed to make you last longer, I may have to look into it though. Thanks man.

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