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When does puberty end

When does puberty end

I have been mulling this over for a while now, and am wondering when Puberty ends in men.

Reason I ask is this:
I am 21 years old and quite skinny, I have never been able to put on muscle when training. I can’t get past 11 stone in weight, I followed a pretty good training routine devised by a friend of mine who works at a gym and got nowhere. We suspected lack of available food so I increased by intake and took supplements, all it did was increase the frequency of my bathroom visits. I got stronger but no bigger, much like seeing the results of 16+17 year old boys who work out. I also look very similar to how I did at 12/13, just taller.

I also still have quite bad acne on my chest and back, controllable with pills but they make my skin dry and peel off.

I spoke to my dad before about his acne, which he had until he was 23 ish when he reckoned puberty ended, and he begun to put on muscle and weight. So I wondered what the chances are of me experiencing the same thing, can any more growth be expected if that were the case?

Edit: I would add that I haven’t grown down there, well not since I was 12 and measured it for fun one day which is why I was hoping for more growth.

You’ve got your Dad’s genes, so there is an excellent chance you are going to have a similar experience to him. That doesn’t mean you have to wait around for any magic to happen on it’s own. You can start weight training or doing PE or whatever right now.

I have been doing PE for over a year with almost no results apart from increased erection strength. My length and girth vary but no concrete gains, and if I stop for a few days they return to pre PE levels.

I am really crossing my fingers on the whole growth thing, my dad is fairly large - I remember him jumping around with a sock on it (which was quite stretched) when I burst into my parents room when I was 8 or 9.

If as you say you are skinny . I had the same problem (age 18 128 lbs) eventually I found I was allergic to milk .

It might be worth being tested for allergies. Or try changing your diet. One item at a time to see if there is any improvement. Very often it is the thing you like most that is causing the trouble. (as you tend to eat or drink more of it)

Hope that helps.


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If you dint grow you simple dint eat enough.

All can grow even in the puperty if they eat enough. I eat 4200 kalories each day to take weight on, and I only weight about 81 kilo.

Not updated progress in a long time.

The NBA’s David Robinson grew over six inches taller after entering the Naval academy.

I grew over three inches in height after I graduated from High School. I started going to the gym at age 17, and made very little progress, but when I was 20, I gained over 25 pounds (2 st) after hitting the gym all summer. We all mature at different times and different rates.

With regards to your Dad, remember that you were seeing his unit from the perspective of a child. Compared to your own eight year-old willy, he was huge: also keep in mind that your shorter height at that age would have made it look bigger.

I ran into an old schoolmate the other day: he is about 6’2” and a bodybuilder. He commented that I looked like I had been working out, and said that my Dad was a “pretty big boy also”, recalling the one or two times he had seen him in Elementary school. My dad was about 5’7” and no more that 9 st (less than 130#).

Seen through the eyes of a child, everything is bigger. :D


Pretty rough for growth

Coming from someone with experience, I weighed only 140 at 15, being 5’11 this was not a good weight. I was a football player and I just didn’t eat enough. I started hitting the gym, HARD, and doing heavy workouts, along with some power lifting stuff. I picked up a few tubs of weight gainers, eventually used creatine, and now I’m 225 lbs, 15% Body Fat, and 19 next month. I believe it all boils down to diet. When you lift in the gym, the muscle is torn, but you grow in the kitchen and the bedroom. A great motto is: Lift, Eat, Sleep, Repeat.

Originally Posted by GlandMaster
With regards to your Dad, remember that you were seeing his unit from the perspective of a child. Compared to your own eight year-old willy, he was huge: also keep in mind that your shorter height at that age would have made it look bigger.

Good point, but the reason I say it was big is because he was wearing a sock over it and the sock was stretched quite tightly.

Sigh, chinese can’t jelq it just doesnt work. Not for me anyways.

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