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What on earth is this?

What on earth is this?

I don’t even know how to explain it, ive been jelqing regurly since 2 months ago and stretching and doing kegels now and there and haven’t encountered this since last week. A typical jelq a day would be 300 wet jelqs normally quite lengthy and stretching of 10 minutes. As of late I have been lazy with kegels (boo) doing maybe half the recommended I should do. I don’t think Kegelling is too much of a problem for me as my erections are quite hard anyway.

However, ive noticed some vibrating sensation somewhere around the area of my scrotum and near my PC muscle. It’s very mild and brief and happens spontanously, it hasn’t affected anything sexually and i doubt it isn’t overworking. The sensation if a much milder form if I described to you is like reaching your arm out more then usual and feeling painless tingle or tilting your feet forward more then usual and feeling light spasms/tingle. I wonder if this is just better circulation generally or something I should consider researching. It could be a number of reasons, like ginseng or caffeine but I don’t take alot of those. Anyone else experiece this mild tremor? What is it? I haven’t noticed any side effects.

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Sounds like mild numbness to me. It may be that you are too intense on your jelqs. Back off the intensity and see if that takes care of things.


I have these things to, especially when i press a kegel or grab the root of my cock. My ex gf was like “WTF WAS THAT” Haha, she thought it to be very funny later. Don’t know what it is though.

Maybe it could even be a pulse of some sort. If things like that happen once then sometimes you can worry and make it happen over and over again. The best way not to worry about it is to know that it really isn’t gonna harm you no matter what it is, just don’t overdo the workouts.

May the force (of your hand) be with you. :littleguy


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